Reduce the Number of Cabling Contractors

Over half of the cost cabling is labor. Why have one contractor install a cable from room A to room B, only to have second contractor install a cable for a different system from room A to B? Why pay twice when the cost for one contractor to install both cables at the same time is marginal?

Use a Client’s Master Agreements for the Materials and Equipment

Larger clients, such as corporations with many sites, university systems, school systems, healthcare entities, etc., should have standardized on the materials and equipment they use for their technology systems in their facilities. If they've standardized and are large enough, they should have master agreements with cabling manufacturers or suppliers that an installation contractor may be able to use. The master agreement will have lower prices because of the aggregation of facilities and commitment to suppliers. If you're client does not have master agreements, advise him that he should, and at least make the facility you're involved with the first to avail itself to the lower pricing.

Single Point for Cabling Administration

If you're designing a three story building, do you need to have equipment rooms on every floor? You could serve the entire building from an equipment room on the second floor if the distance between a second floor equipment room and each cabling endpoint is within the distance for standard cabling. There's a multitude of benefits from doing this; less space is utilized for equipment rooms, there's more efficient use of the network equipment, and it's easier from an operational and maintenance standpoint. The small cost for slightly longer cables pales in comparison to the overall savings.

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