Guest Industry Experts

To get a glimpse of how we could take analytics to other building systems, and possibly spark ideas from others, we asked some the best known industry experts to provide examples. What follows is their examples:

Lighting Systems

Mike Welch, Control Network Solutions

The key to analytics for lighting systems is addressable networkable light fixtures communicating with an open standard protocol such as DALI® or IEC 62386. This allows the acquisition of data and command points which can develop into value information. This value information for standard lamp fixtures can be as simple as:

b Lamp failure

b LED driver/Lamp Ballast failure b LED overvoltage b Mains Failure

b DALI network failure

The more complex reporting would be: b Run time

b Calculated power per fitting b Dirty lamp fitting versus lamp fitting failing b General lamp fixture failure

b Lamp change versus energy consumption cost analysis

There are also analytic opportunities with emergency lamp fixtures. These fixtures typically include a lamp with a rechargeable battery pack unit, and need to be tested regularly by law in most jurisdictions. While these tests are usually performed manually, networkable emergency fixtures can be fully automated, from actually initiating the tests to recording results or sending alarms when failures occur. The data that can be acquired includes:

b Battery status b Battery charge level b Lamp status

b Emergency fixture availability b Runtime b Mains Failure b Network failure

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