Renewables, Electric Vehicles, Storage

The solar panels that have been installed in buildings generate DC or AC.


Compact fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are 25% more efficient than traditional incandescent lighting. The benefits of LEDs include longer operating life, less maintenance and reduced energy consumption, something on the order of 13% for lighting. Use of DC power would further enhance the attractiveness of LEDs by eliminating the need and cost to convert AC power to DC as is currently done. Several lighting manufacturers have DC based LED systems


Most everyday appliances and electronics operate internally on DC power. This includes computers, telephones, televisions, and coffee makers. Motors

Safety sign

Figure 12.2 Safety sign.

for applications such as refrigeration, ventilation or pumping that are DC- based are significantly more efficient than AC-based systems.

DC Power Infrastructure

Armstrong, a manufacturer of fl oors and ceilings has a product called DC FlexZone, a ceiling suspension system that provides an infrastructure for the delivery of low-voltage DC power based on conventional suspended ceiling installation practices and on a 24VDC Occupied Space Standard developed by the Emerge Alliance, a non-profi t industry organization.

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