Electrified Door Hardware

Electrified Door Hardware allows the door to be automatically locked and unlocked by the EAC system. These components can be contained in the door or the doorframe. For example, an electric strike will be located in the doorframe and an electrified panic bar will be located in the door. Determining the best method requires an understanding of basic door hardware and functionality.


Readers are the devices that interface with personnel desiring access to a facility. There are several different types of readers. Some common types are Contact Smart Card Readers, Proximity Readers, Swipe Card Readers, Bar Code Readers, Insertion Readers, Biometrics Readers, and Key Pads. For additional levels or security, it is common for readers to contain a keypad in addition to one type of card reader.

Proximity Readers are a contactless technology that utilizes RFID technology operating in the 125 kHz operating frequency. MIFARE Readers are also contactless technology that operates at the 13.56 MHz operating frequency. MIFARE technology is primarily used for e-purse applications such as vending, fare collection, transit, prepaid metering, phone cards, and toll roads.

Access control is a fundamental security concept. Without control of access, there is no security. The key is effective identification and authentication of people, via fingerprints, smartcards, and encryption keys and to have actions in place to make sure the identity isn't being used by the wrong person.

Given the larger concern for security, its likely advanced technology of access control systems will be vastly improved, and access control will integrate with emerging technology such facial recognition, eye tracking, and indoor positioning.

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