Coherent Structures in the Turbulent Atmosphere

In Section 3.2, we presented the results of the studies carried out within the scope of the semiempirical theory of turbulence in the anisotropic atmospheric boundary layer. These studies were naturally continued in the study of turbulence characteristics in closed local volumes (namely, in closed rooms). Turbulence in closed rooms can be considered as a particular case of turbulence observed in the anisotropic boundary layer.

The studies in this field have allowed to obtain important results on coherent structures and, in general, on the local structure of turbulence. In particular, it was found that coherent structures are important elements for understanding of the processes of formation and further evolution of turbulence. The brief review of these studies of the local structure of turbulence is discussed in Section 3.3.1. Section 3.3.2 (based on data published in References 80—82, 128) presents the results of experimental study of the processes of Benard cell formation and breakdown in air to show similarity of the processes occurring in the air in room and pavilion and in the open atmospheric areas consisting local boundary layers.

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