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What is a statute of repose?What is "impeachment"?How much can you expect to pay a lawyer?Does the race of the parent or child have a legitimate role in custody determinations?How does a court determine if someone's Fourth Amendment rights have been violated?Does school prayer violate the Establishment Clause?A famous celebrity endorsed a lawyer, but does that mean this is a superior lawyer?What if the EEOC finds there has been discrimination?AGE DISCRIMINATION What are jury instructions?AcknowledgmentsWhat are examples of public officials and public figures?What happened in Garcetti v. Ceballos?What is an example of attorney malpractice?Are contingency fees available for all types of cases?Has there been recent movement in Congress to change the circuit court structure?What are the powers of the president?What are common defenses to defamation claims?If your spouse leaves and doesn't come back, is that grounds for divorce?What does the Constitution say about ex post facto laws?What was the famous plate-snatching case?Can a minor birth mother consent to an adoption?What is an impartial jury?If a direct appeal process and the state post-conviction process both fail, are there any other legal avenues?What happens in the closing argument phase?Who appoints an attorney for a criminal defendant?Can companies purchase copies of credit reports?What is the major federal law regulating compensation for employees?AMENDMENT XIII.What is bankruptcy?Can employers really discriminate against employees for any reason?Can an employer fire an employee for filing a workers' compensation claim?What state passed a law that repealed the employment at-will doctrine?How is a law created?What freedoms does the Fifth Amendment protect?What happens at the start of a criminal trial?What is the Fourth Amendment?Are prenuptial agreements, or pre-marital agreements, valid?FAMILY LAWWhat different types of child custody are there?What is professional negligence?What is an arrest?AMENDMENT VIII.What must a consumer do before filing bankruptcy?Who was the defendant in Gideon v. Wainwright?What is the discovery rule and how does it impact statutes of limitations in tort cases?LEGISLATIVE BRANCHCan an employer refuse to hire an employee whose disability would present a health risk to himself or others?AMENDMENT XVIII.Who was Dollree Mapp?What are the factors a court considers in deciding whether and how much to award in alimony?Is there a set time for closing arguments?Can a state conduct a criminal trial with only five jurors?How does tort law differ from criminal law?What is a Batson challenge?What states still recognize common-law marriages?What is an example of an employer policy that would be considered disparate impact?Does the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) prohibit credit discrimination based on sexual orientation?What are the time limits for filing an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charge?ARTICLE IV.What is the Lily Ledbetter Act?What is plain view?Can employers assert any defense to supervisory harassment?How does a person keep track of all the abbreviations and requirements for legal citations?Can your employer force you to take a polygraph test?Who was Gideon and who eventually was his appointed counsel?What happened in the Clinton impeachment hearings?AMENDMENT IX.What is bail?Does Title VII apply to harassing behavior on the part of employers?ADOPTIONWhat is a reverse mortgage?What happens with the attorneys' proposed jury instructions?Are there different types of credit?AMENDMENT I.Since Title VII does not protect employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation does that mean these employees have no protection?If you're convicted of a crime as a juvenile can you be tried as an adult?What is products liability?Why are punitive damage awards considered controversial?Can birth mothers withdraw consent to an adoption?Is a defendant entitled to a jury trial?What was the Ford Pinto problem?When did the Court originally begin its new terms?When does the U.S. Supreme Court meet?For what other reasons can an employee take FMLA leave?What is the concept of deep pockets?What is a tort?Why was James Madison a key person in the Convention?AMENDMENT II.What Is the main difference between a federal district court and the other federal courts?Does the First Amendment protect all forms of free speech?Does Title Vll's retaliation clause protect an employee who participates not in a court proceeding or EEOC investigation but in an employer's internal investigation of sexual harassment?Where do attorneys obtain proposed jury instructions?Can a defendant waive a preliminary hearing?What are the different types of alimony?How did the U.S. Constitution structure the legislative branch?What happens to an employee's job when he or she returns from FMLA leave?AMENDMENT XXVI.My supervisor made comments like "you're too old for the job." Is that evidence of age discrimination?What is a foreign adoption?OTHER TORTSCONSTITUTIONAL LAWWhen does speech cross the line and become a true threat?Do credit cards always have annual fees?How does a court determine the amount of child support?What is the protection against self-incrimination?How did the employment-at-will doctrine originate in the United States?AMENDMENT XXI.What is federalism?What if the EEOC does not find there has been discrimination?What is the primary source of law in the United States?What is tested on the bar exam?THE CRIMINAL PROCESS How many constitutional amendments have been enacted?What eligibility requirements are there for Chapter 13?How precarious was the Great Compromise and its ultimate success?What is condonation?What is identity theft?What happens if a jury cannot reach a decision?If a lawyer passes a state bar exam can he or she then practice in any state?Can a consumer reporting agency send a credit report to prospective employers?How did Congress change the ADA in 2008?What are briefs?What are the legal results of a felony conviction?What are some common grounds for attorney discipline?If an employer does present a legitimate, nondiscriminatory reason for the discharge then what must the employee do to prove his or her case?What happens if a person refuses to pay child support?What types of jobs do lawyers have?How does an employee file a claim under Title VII or other federal employment law?What happened in New York Times Co. v. Sullivan?What is a credit score?What are exempt assets?JUVENILE DEFENDANTS What happens if your former spouse to whom you are paying alimony remarries?AMENDMENT VI.What caused the U.S. Supreme Court to change course and uphold death penalty statutes only a few years after its Furman decision?What types of attorneys argue cases before the U.S. Supreme Court?THE COURT SYSTEMHow does an employee prove retaliation?What are the two types of causation in tort cases?Which states do not have elections for any type of judges?Which states prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation for public employees only?What can people do when they feel their lawyers have been unethical or unprofessional?What is the difference between a secured and unsecured creditor?Why is the Commerce Clause so important?What are the basic types of torts?What happens after a bill is introduced?What does the Tenth Amendment have to do with the concept of federalism?When did Congress establish the lower federal courts?What is due process?What does the Constitution say about the composition of Congress?LAWSUITS What does each side hope to accomplish with closing arguments?The ADA mentions a "qualified individual with a disability." What is such a "qualified individual"?Who became the first woman to serve as speaker of the House?What is intentional infliction of emotional distress?Which justices have served the longest in history?How does a court determine whether property is marital/community property or separate property?What happens after a person is convicted?When served with a complaint, what is the legal responsibility of a defendant?Does a biological father have the right to notification that his child may be placed for adoption by the child's mother?Where did James Madison look for possible proposals that eventually became included in the Bill of Rights?What does FLSA say about overtime pay?Who was Griggs in the Griggs v. Duke Power case?What about employees receiving tips and how they are treated under FLSA?Can an employer establish mandatory retirement limits?AMENDMENT XXVII.Can young people—even those under 40—sue for age discrimination under state laws?Can consumers view their credit scores?What was the McDonald's hot coffee case?Does Title VII prohibit discrimination against transsexuals?HISTORY OF THE CONSTITUTIONWhat is time served?What happens if a party will not respond to discovery requests?How does a court determine how to apportion marital property?What was the prayer at issue in the Engel v. Vitale case?What types of challenges are available to strike jurors?How did the invasion of privacy tort originate?When does speech cross the line into unprotected incitement?What happens in the jury instruction phase of the trial?What is APR?If a defendant is sentenced to three years, how much time will the defendant actually serve?Can parties who enter into a regular marriage change or convert that marriage into a covenant marriage?What is res ipsa loquitur?What are the differences between civil unions and marriages?What legal doctrine still provides the baseline rule that employees have little protection in the employment relationship in the United States?What is an example of false light invasion of privacy?What if some unexpected event causes damage to a plaintiff after a defendant's negligent act?What factors does a court consider in determining the amount of punitive damages?What is voir dire?What are the requirements for someone to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives?Does the ADA prohibit disability-based harassment in the workplace?What is the document called that starts a lawsuit?AT-WILL EMPLOYMENTWhat are some commonly alleged errors in criminal trials?What does Title VII say about retaliation?Does Title VII protect individuals of all races?What if an employer has multiple reasons for taking adverse action against an employee—a discriminatory reason and a lawful reason?If a party loses, what are his or her legal options?Which interpretation—collective or individual—has the U.S. Supreme Court adopted?Are there other federal courts that are not Article III courts?What did Alexander Hamilton have to say about judicial review?What is a preliminary hearing?During the prosecution's case, is there a chance at cross-examination?What is a "frolic and detour"?Are employment discrimination awards taxable?DEBT COLLECTORS AND THE LAWThe Constitution of the United StatesWhat happens after a plaintiff files a complaint and a defendant files the answer?Can the president veto only a portion of a law after it is passed by Congress?What is continuing legal education?What factors does a judge consider in determining sentencing?What does a defense attorney hope to accomplish at a preliminary hearing?What methods of adoptions are there?Can stepparents adopt their spouse's (biological) children?Does the Court ever meet outside of its traditional term time?What were some important precursors to Marbury v. Madison?What is the record?Can you be liable for the debts your spouse acquired prior to marriage?THE SUPREME COURT TERM Can your employer read your email at work?Are there other laws that allowed injured employees to receive time off from work?What is an example of a separation of powers problem?What types of discrimination does Title VII prohibit?How do you prove credit discrimination?Under the McDonnell Douglas framework, how does an employee establish a prima facie case of discrimination?Can a court require parents to attend counseling sessions before awarding custody?Are there time limits and notice requirements on filing worker compensation claims?Can a "Good Samaritan" be held liable if he or she acts negligently even though they are trying to help?Why is credit expensive?What are civil unions?What type of federal court system did Congress create in the Judiciary Act of 1789?How is the U.S. Constitution composed?Isn't it true that the original Constitution (before the Bill of Rights) was already a bill of rights of sorts?In what states was the ratification debate most intense and close?What were the Federalist Papers and what was their importance?Where are constitutional amendments placed in the Constitution?NINTH AND TENTH AMENDMENTSWho was the defendant Ballew?How can a spouse ensure that property remains separate?Where does a person go to find a lawyer?Can you explain the elements of a lower court citation?What does the employee receive in workers's compensation benefits?How are state court systems established?What are the two core clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment?If an employee files both a sex or race discrimination claim and a retaliation claim, can the retaliation claim survive even if the underlying sex or race claim is dismissed?What makes the Second Amendment controversial?What is the purpose of workers' compensation?What are the benefits of plea bargaining?Why do some consider the judicial branch the least powerful branch of government?Do some lawyers work on retainer?How do circuit courts of appeal hear cases?What exactly does the U.S. Constitution do?Can adoption agencies consider the race of the adoptive parents or children when making decisions?What is an information?Are there an unlimited number of peremptory challenges?What is an example of a discrimination case involving religion in which it was ruled that the employer did not accommodate the employee adequately?Can persons separate without filing for a divorce?What types of problems cause product liability actions?What are possible disadvantages of plea bargaining?What are closing arguments?Are there limitations when debt collectors can call consumers?What is negligence per se?FINDING A LAWYER What are other distinguishing features of a grand jury?THIRD AND FOURTH AMENDMENTS What can you do if there is an error on your credit card bill?What is the meaning of probable cause?GlossaryWhat happens if both parties (plaintiff and defendant) are negligent?What are some examples of frivolous lawsuits?How does the Court determine whether punishment is cruel and unusual?What else takes place at the arraignment?AMENDMENT XXV.What is a public figure and why is that important to defamation law?How do courts determine custody for a child?Are all lawyers litigators?What if an employer offers lifetime or permanent employment? Does the employment-at-will doctrine still apply?What are some defenses to intentional torts?What did the new Constitution say about slavery?Who determines the meaning of a state constitution?What was the Great Compromise?How does the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) help consumers fight identity theft?What does freedom of religion mean?Are there constitutional limitations to bail?How does an employee prove a claim of religious discrimination?Can attorneys advertise in any way they want?AMENDMENT XXIII.APPEALSIf an employee presents a prima facie (or basic) case of discrimination, what must the employer show?What is a 341 meeting?What are the requirements for someone to serve in the U.S. Senate?How old must an employee be to qualify for protection under the ADEA?If the government places a Ten Commandments monument on government property, does that violate the Establishment Clause?KEY CONCEPTS AND STRUCTURE OF THE CONSTITUTIONWhat is the Tenth Amendment?What expenses do adoptive parents pay to the birth mother?Where did the U.S. Supreme Court first meet?Title VII also prohibits religious discrimination by covered employers. What is the law's definition of religion?Have any U.S. Supreme Court justices been impeached?What are the basic types of crimes?What role does a judge have with respect to plea bargaining?If the jury cannot agree and is deadlocked, what does a court do?Didn't the U.S. Congress just pass a new law on credit cards?What if an employee suffers a permanent disability?What explained the difference between the two 2005 decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court?Why are jury instructions important?ARTICLE III.What types of relief do plaintiffs seek?What information does an adoption agency consider when determining whether to place a child with prospective adoptive parents?Does Title VII apply to just intentional discrimination?What warnings must the police give you when they arrest you and place you in custody?What are the various House Committees?Which states still do have contributory negligence?What is just compensation?What is the exclusionary rule?ARTICLE II.What are the different forms of comparative negligence?What are some examples of intentional torts?FIRST AMENDMENT Must government officials always obtain a warrant before conducting a search or a seizure?Recently a creditor denied me credit for what I believe was because of my race or gender. Do I have any recourse?RETALIATION What do we mean by an annotated code?What were the professions of the Founders?What tort protects a person from being photographed in the bathroom?What is disposable income?Did the U.S. Supreme Court rely on international law in reaching its decision against the death penalty for juvenile offenders?What is tort reform?Are there limitations as to what are reasonable accommodations?What is an adverse employment action?What is the key factor in determining whether employees may be included in a valid tip pool?What exactly is incorporation and how does this work?ARTICLE V.What is the difference between serving sentences concurrently or consecutively?When did the law allow interracial marriages?SIXTH AMENDMENT What are some of the exceptions to the overtime pay requirement?What was the McDonnell Douglas case about?What is a "Belo" contract?FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT What did the Court decide with respect to criminal three-strikes laws?What is the court or judge's role in the adoption process?What if you are charged with a crime and don't have enough money for an attorney?What are statutes of limitations?How does the Constitution give the executive branch a role in the law?Can your employer require you to take a drug test?What other conduct does the FDCPA prohibit?Are there exemptions under state laws?Can states cap punitive damage awards?Who was primarily responsible for proposing the Bill of Rights?What does the law say about limiting marriages between family members?If you fall on a slippery floor in a store, can you sue for negligence?How does a court handle the issue of reasonable accommodations and undue hardships?AMENDMENT XIV.What recent decision on eminent domain and just compensation outraged many?Can a person choose to waive or decline counsel and represent himself or herself?Does my state also have anti-discrimination laws that protect me as an employee?What are some other powers of Congress mentioned in the U.S. Constitution?When did the U.S. Supreme Court first recognize that Title VII included disparate impact claims?Does Title VII apply to all employees?Are public defenders good lawyers?Does it violate the ADEA for an employer to provide a date of birth question on an employment application?How does a court determine if bail is excessive?If the jury convicts the defendant, what are the defendant's options?What is the right to counsel?What is supervised visitation?NEGLIGENCEWhat happened in the Heller case?In what famous decision did the U.S. Supreme Court establish certain rights to persons facing interrogation and questioning from police?SEVENTH AMENDMENT How are lawyers punished for misconduct?After a person is booked, what happens next?What state has the highest minimum wage law?Can prospective adoptive parents advertise that they wish to adopt a child?What are the basic types of bankruptcy?What was the U.S. Supreme Court's definition of a true threat in Virginia v. Black (2003).TRIAL PROCESS AMENDMENT XI.STATE CONSTITUTIONS What was the purpose of the Third Amendment?What can parties contract to in a pre-marital agreement?What should you look for in an attorney?How do you cite a statute or law?What are the lawyer ratings provided for by Martindale-Hubbell?How does the U.S. Supreme Court determine if something violates the Establishment Clause?What if an editorial writer uses strong language to describe a person?What if the press reports on the sex life of a famous politician? Is that invasion of privacy?Did any of the recent justices on the Supreme Court previously serve as a judge in some capacity?What type of law creates a Tenth Amendment issue?If a supervisor commented on an employee's physical anatomy a few times and made several sexual jokes in her presence, is that sexual harassment?Do all states recognize the different sub-torts of invasion of privacy?What types of crimes committed by a spouse give the other spouse grounds for divorce?Can a court require a parent to pay child support?Does Title VII protect employees who are harassed by members of the same sex?Who must consent to an adoption?How many different districts are there?Which federal judges have been impeached?Where do you go to select the right credit card?BECOMING A LAWYER If the majority opinion becomes the law of the land, are concurring and dissenting opinions important?Where does the word "tort" come from?Who was the only speaker of the House also to become president of the United States?Do jury verdicts have to be unanimous?What is separation of powers?AMENDMENT XII.Who were the original federal district court judges in these thirteen districts?Are there differences between irreconcilable differences and other grounds for divorce?What does it take to become a lawyer?Why does a criminal defendant need an attorney?Is expert testimony required in medical malpractice cases?If you are fired from your job can you obtain unemployment benefits coverage?What was the Fugitive Slave Clause?What does the U.S. Constitution say about the U.S. Supreme Court?In what decision did the Court extend the exclusionary rule requirement to the states?How does the federal court system created by the Founding Fathers compare and contrast with the current federal court system?Do birth parents always have to consent to an adoption?AMENDMENT VII.What is breach of warranty?What is credit insurance?Did the Anti-Federalists have their own published writings?Why is judicial review celebrated and criticized in the democracy?What is considered harassing behavior under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA)?When did Congress create the circuit courts in their present form?Can a court use an anonymous jury?If a person passes the bar exam, is he or she automatically entitled to practice law?Can a parent with custody move out of state with a child without permission of the other parent?What is a variable rate?What is a famous tort case of involving intrusion?Must an employer do anything to accommodate employees who wish to breast feed their children?What does it cost to file for bankruptcy?Are there limits to punitive damage awards?What are the two main types or theories of discrimination?Why is the Fourteenth Amendment sometimes called a Second Bill of Rights?Do blue collar workers who have great expertise in their respective jobs fall under the professional overtime exemption under FLSA?What are some ways to prevent identity theft?Can presidents be impeached?Are all debts dischargeable under Chapter 7?LAWYERS AND LAWSUITSCan the jury receive written copies of the judge's instructions?What happens if the defendant pleads guilty?What is the difference between a lump-sum settlement and a structured settlement?Who was the principal author of the Judiciary Act of 1789?How many bar exams are there?What distinguishes criminal law from civil law?How many judges serve on the circuit courts?How can a marriage be annulled?What is the order of argument with respect to closing arguments?Must a criminal defendant testify on behalf of himself or herself?What major laws prohibit discrimination based on disability or handicap?How are state court judges picked?What is a public interest law firm?What is a protected class?How are legal authorities identified?Are all criminal defendants entitled to a court-appointed attorney?Can a juvenile defendant receive the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole?How does the criminal process begin?RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATIONWhen can a federal judge become a senior judge?Does the First Amendment protect graduation prayer?What were the principal objections of the Anti-Federalists to the Constitution?How does the Constitution give Congress the power to impact law?EIGHTH AMENDMENTWhat types of consumers must file for Chapter 13?What is the level of free speech protection for public employees?Must employers give employees time off for lunch and for rest periods?Title VII protects individuals based on their gender, but does it protect people because of their sexual orientation?What freedom does the Seventh Amendment protect?Do prior bankruptcy filings affect eligibility to file other bankruptcy petitions?Do all states have separate laws dealing with minimum wages?How many women have served as Supreme Court justices?Can a person have multiple spouses?Are all attorney or legal malpractice claims based on negligence law?How does a Chapter 13 case begin?How do you qualify for a court-appointed attorney?How can people be married?Would a negative performance evaluation constitute an adverse employment action?What employers are obligated to follow the FMLA?PROFESSIONAL NEGLIGENCE What is obscenity?THE EXECUTIVE BRANCHExplanation of Case and Statute CitationsIf a credit reporting agency unfairly refuses to correct a mistake, can you sue?Are all state high courts called supreme courts?Do school officials have unfettered authority to conduct strip searches?What is a bankruptcy trustee?DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION Who are some of the nation's leading federal appeals court judges?AMENDMENT XVII.What is the minimum wage required by the FLSA?LOANSHow did the battle between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists conclude?How long does negative information stay on my credit report?If the case proceeds to trial what happens next?AMENDMENT III.ARTICLE VII.OTHER EMPLOYMENT LAW CONSIDERATIONSWhat happened in the large state of Virginia with respect to ratification?What broad categories of workers are not subject to the employment-at-will doctrine?What are some examples of disabilities under the ADA?AMENDMENT XIX.How many federal district courts and federal appeals courts are there?Do private attorneys take cases pro bono?What is the process of plea bargaining?What are typical grounds for divorce?Can an injury in a sports contest constitute a battery?What are expert witnesses?Do all states require individuals to take a bar exam to practice law?Is the death penalty considered cruel and unusual?Are mixed-motive claims cognizable under the ADEA as they are under Title VII?What is an example of an equal protection violation?Who can perform marriages?Is there a tort that you can use or sue under if someone files false criminal charges against you?What are "irreconcilable differences"?What is the speaker of the House?If there is an error on your credit report, what do you do?Does the status of a speaker affect First Amendment freedoms?What do various state constitutions or statutes say about same-sex marriages?CRIMINAL PROCEDURESHow do criminal trials proceed?Can your attorney settle a case without your approval?What was the case of Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Company concerning proximate causation?Can a judge appoint attorneys to represent someone?Can courts modify custody arrangements?Why did Elbridge Gerry, Edmund Randolph and George Mason refuse to sign the Constitution?DIVORCE How should and employer determine if an employee is qualified?If you think you are the father of a child, but you are not married and the mother refuses to let you see the baby, is there anything you can do?What was the leading framer James Madison's opinion of judicial review?What exactly does the ADA prohibit?Are divorces no-fault or fault-based?How does the court determine if a defendant received effective assistance of counsel?Is a marriage in a foreign country recognized as valid in the United States?What is the importance of compulsory process?How did the necessary and proper clause affect a famous case involving a U.S. bank?How can you protect yourself from identity thieves?How does a court determine whether an employee suffers discrimination?What is alimony?Why were the first ten amendments—the Bill of Rights—added to the U.S. Constitution?How much does a marriage license cost?What type of jurisdiction does the U.S. Supreme Court have?What was the Evarts Act?If your employer is not covered by the FMLA, are there any state laws that could help?Do computer programmers and computer system analysts qualify as professionals and exempt from FLSA's overtime provisions?Can you file for divorce in a state that is not the state in which you were married?What is the role of punitive damages in bifurcated tort cases?What does assistance of counsel mean?What is a wobbler?What happens during a trial?Are children held to the same standard of care as adults?When did Justice Sandra Day O'Connor introduce her endorsement test?Can parties of the same sex marry?What opinions were rendered by the U.S. Supreme Court concerning Wallace v. Jaffree.What does the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution say?What is a "reasonable accommodation" in the ADA?How does the notion of community standards affect obscenity cases?Are awards in tort cases taxable?What can disqualify a person from sitting for a bar exam?AMENDMENT XV.What is the duty to mitigate damages?Do all state high courts have the same number of justices or judges?Who were some of the leaders of the Philadelphia Convention of 1787?At what age can a person legally marry?What happened with the Chase impeachment proceedings?How do justices get on the U.S. Supreme Court?What is double jeopardy?SENTENCING What is child custody?Why is legal language sometimes hard to understand?What are payday loans?What age restrictions are imposed on prospective adoptive parents?How does a court determine a public policy exception to the at-will doctrine?Can jury members discuss the case before deliberations?Is a trial judge required to give a definition of beyond a reasonable doubt?What is the Confrontation Clause?Does a person have a tort claim if they are wrongfully detained for shoplifting in a major department store?Does the defendant have to physically appear before a judge at the initial appearance and the arraignment?What if an employer fires one employee who is 65 and replaces him or her with someone who is 47. Does this constitute age discrimination since both employees are over 40?What are some famous quotes by Learned Hand?What is a citation for a judicial opinion?What was the Santa Fe Independent School District v. Doe case on school prayer and what did the U.S. Supreme Court decide?What freedoms does the First Amendment protect?What is a grand jury?When does an injury arise out of and in the course of employment?What further legal options are available to a person once convicted?Once a prosecutor offers a plea bargain can he or she renege on the deal?Does it matter if a person has prior convictions?Is a person entitled to an attorney during the booking process?Who were the 55 Founding Framers of the Philadelphia Convention of 1787CHILD CUSTODYWhat is the direct appeal?What are public hearings?How can you build good credit?What is the "taxicab exemption"?What is credit and why is it so important?What was the Virginia Plan?What are home equity loans?PRE-MARITAL AGREEMENTS What expression was involved in the Tinker case?How do you know if you have too much debt?Are state constitutions based on the U.S. Constitution?After the prosecution finishes its case, can the defense immediately file for dismissal?Can judges sequester juries?ARTICLE I.WORKERS' COMPENSATION LAW What part of the Judiciary Act of 1789 gives the Supreme Court the power to review state laws?What happened to Percy Green after McDonnell Douglas v. Green?AMENDMENT XVI.AMENDMENT XXIV.Are all state court systems based on the three-tiered model of trial court, intermediate appellate court, and final appellate court?AMENDMENT IV.What factors do courts use to determine whether someone is entitled to bail and what amount?What was the pressing need for the Constitution?ARTICLE VI.Are punching and kicking the only acts that are regarded as battery?Does a defendant have a right to a preliminary hearing in state court?How does the Constitution give the judicial branch a role in the legal system?AMENDMENT XXII.What if you suffer a heart attack due to stress on the job? Are you compensable under workers compensation?If the employee establishes a prima facie claim, what must the employer do?What is phishing?What advantage is it for a person to have representation from a public interest law firm?Do juveniles in juvenile court receive all of the same rights as adults charged in criminal court?What is the right to a speedy trial?What states have laws that prohibit discrimination against employees (public and private) because of sexual orientation?Are mental conditions cognizable under the ADA?What are the terms of office for representatives and senators?EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION What is a suspended sentence?How are presidents elected?What is the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act?What is medical malpractice?What are some major death penalty decisions since Furman v. Georgia (1972)?What are the required elements of a defamation claim?How does tort law differ from contract law?ALIMONYWhat is a status offense?What does it mean for a trial to be public?Can juror misconduct lead to a mistrial?What is the main difference between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7?What is the relationship between state high courts and state constitutions?What sorts of employer actions can constitute unlawful retaliation?Do many states have family courts?What is a bail bondsman?What rights does the Ninth Amendment protect?What are some other examples of intentional infliction of emotional distress?If an appellate court reverses a trial court, what happens next?When did the U.S. Supreme Court get its own building?Does the First Amendment protect advertising?Can a defendant waive his or her right to a jury?Can an employer be held negligent if it retains or hires an employee who is dangerous to the public?Is there a difference between the initial appearance and the arraignment?What is the Fair Credit Reporting ActWhat is defamation?What level of First Amendment rights do students possess?Did all of the 55 delegates sign the final product of the Philadelphia Convention?Is it a requirement for a Supreme Court justice to have prior judicial experience?Is a party's retirement account considered marital or separate property?Who was the first speaker of the House?What is recrimination?EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION JUDICIAL BRANCH JUDICIARY ACT OF 1789 BANKRUPTCYIn those states that examine the relocation of a parent under a "best interests of the child" analysis, what are the factors that courts consider?What did James Madison say in his speech to Congress on June 1789, when he argued for the Bill of Rights?THE U.S. CONSTITUTION Must you take a blood test before getting married?What entity handles worker compensation claims?Where are judicial opinions located?What is the American Bar Association?What if you test positive for drugs, but you really believe that the test was wrong? Is there any recourse?What is a post-conviction proceeding?What is the full faith and credit clause?MARRIAGE Can courts modify child support obligations?THE BILL OF RIGHT AND THE 14TH AMENDMENTHow much legal information is available online now?How many members are there in the House and the Senate?What is the story of Jason Little and how the public policy exception to employment at will protected him from physical assault?What states allow covenant marriages?AMENDMENT XX.Which federal judges lost their jobs because of the Judiciary Act of 1802?Can a credit report include bankruptcies, lawsuits, and arrests?If the grand jury refuses to indict can the prosecutor re-file?Who was Miranda in the famous case?CHILD SUPPORT What is the work product of judges and courts?Some have said James Madison used the Bill of Rights to save the Constitution. Is there truth to this?What is adoption?Is there a way to keep certain property by working out a deal with creditors?What is negligence and what are the elements of a negligence claim?What is an example of an ex post facto law?Who determines the percentages of fault of the parties?How long do Chapter 13 cases last compared to Chapter 7 cases?Why is comparative fault considered fairer than contributory negligence?Can U.S. Supreme court justices be removed from office?How long do justices serve on the Supreme Court?PRODUCTS LIABILITY Can the same conduct form the basis for both a crime and a tort?Must school officials have probable cause before searching a student in a public school?Who was the greatest Supreme Court justice?What is a "reasonable person"?If a consumer disputes information on his or her credit report must that be included in the credit report?What are titles?In an FLSA case, who has the burden of proof to show that an employee is exempt from the overtime pay benefit?Can a parent have child custody if he or she has committed a crime?What felonies can lead to the death penalty?What happened to Ernesto A. Miranda after the U.S. Supreme Court decision?What is predatory lending?What is a crime?What determines when the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case?What types of cases are examples of tort cases?Is judicial review an American invention?Can the employee handbook that an employer hands out to you constitute a valid contract that binds the employer?What is the fundamental purpose of the Fourth Amendment?What are the categories of Congress' powers in regulating interstate commerce?Where does the term "good Samaritan" come from?What are some of the most common types of public policy exceptions to the employment-at-will doctrine?Are adoption records private?Can cousins legally marry?What are jury consultants?When can a judge reverse a jury verdict?With what plan did the Virginia Plan compete?PATERNITYWhen a person is arrested and taken into custody, what happens next?What is an appellate brief?When did Congress create separate judges for the circuit courts?Were all the Founders convinced that the executive branch should consist of one person?What was circuit duty?What types of damages are most common in tort cases?Do credit reports contain credit scores?AMENDMENT V.What freedoms does the Sixth Amendment protect?What is a right-to-sue letter?What factors determine whether you will receive credit?What is the means test?STATE COURTS What were the problems with the Articles of Confederation?Why would it be fair to impose strict liability on the manufacturer of a product?What is Title VII?What is the tort of nuisance?What is a no-asset case?How does the unemployment benefits process work?After the Constitution was signed, what happened during the ratification process?What happens once an employee files a charge of discrimination?How does a judge determine whether sentencing is concurrent or consecutive?Is a moment of silence law constitutional?SECOND AMENDMENT FIFTH AMENDMENTDoes a judge have to accept a plea bargain and give the defendant the sentence offered by the prosecution?How is marriage defined by the law?What is a credit freeze?Does the Constitution specify the number of U.S. Supreme Court justices?What is ineffective assistance of counsel?What are some of the major anti-discrimination laws at the federal level?How is a lawyer paid?How often does the Supreme Court hear cases?Is there a difference between mandatory authority and persuasive authority?Is there a time limit on appeals?What is the standard of care for a physician?What is a covenant marriage?PERSONAL INJURY LAWWhat is considered a work-related injury?Can consumers sue for violations of the FDCPA?What exactly does "beyond a reasonable doubt" mean?AMENDMENT X.What federal law prohibits employment discrimination based on age?Does the EEOC's finding of no discrimination prevent a subsequent court proceeding?What does the court do if a reasonable accommodation conflicts with a seniority system?Can all law school graduates take the bar exam?If you are a pregnant and unmarried woman, and the father refuses to acknowledge paternity, what can you do?Who was the most famous federal appeals court judge to never make it to the U.S. Supreme Court?What is vicarious liability?What opinions have precedential value?What is a famous intentional infliction of emotional distress case involving Hustler Magazine?What should you do if you have too much debt?Are there limitations on the amount of attorney's fees?How is a disability defined within the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?What are the common tools of discovery?EMPLOYMENTIf your lawyer does a lousy job on your case, for what reasons can you sue for malpractice?What does the Federal Magistrates Act do?What are examples of professional negligence claims?What is a common-law marriage?Who was William Evarts?Can you find out if a lawyer has faced discipline?What if one parent refuses another parent's visitation rights?Do courts always follow their past decisions?CREDIT AND BANKRUPTCY LAWTITLE VIIWhat are the two types of due process?Are all freedoms in the Bill of Rights extended to the states?What is a credit report?What is the nickname of the Supreme Court Building?Can a business be liable for injuries caused to its patrons by third parties?Why is workers' compensation considered a form of compromise?Can grandparents have visitation rights?Are all persons charged with crimes entitled to bail?Can separate property be converted to marital property during the course of a marriage?Can a judge declare a mistrial?What are examples of crimes that constitute felonies?What are some advantages of filing Chapter 13 versus filing for Chapter 7?What are the purposes or reasons for bail?Do trial juries have to be composed of 12 jurors?What is a judicial opinion?What is an example of power that should be "reserved" to the states under the Tenth Amendment?What is an example of the double jeopardy clause prohibiting multiple punishments for the same offense?What types of issues are covered by family law, or the law of domestic relations?Who determines whether conduct constitutes a felony or a misdemeanor?What are some famous executive orders in American history?Can a younger person in the protected class sue for age discrimination?
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