Conflict perspective a theory of lawmaking that cites value dissensus, unequal access to economic goods, and the resulting structural cleavages of a society as the basic determinant of laws

Functionalist view a theory of lawmaking that assumes that laws reflect customs and are passed because they represent the voice of the people

Legislation the deliberate creation of legal precepts by a body of government that gives articulate expression to such legal precepts in a formalized legal document

Moral entrepreneur theory a theory of lawmaking that attributes the precipitation of law and other key events to the efforts of enterprising individuals or groups

Rationalistic model a theory of lawmaking that proposes that laws, particularly criminal laws are created as rational means of protecting the members of society from social harm

Social movement a type of collective behavior whereby a group of individuals


organizes to promote certain changes or alterations in certain types of behavior or procedures

Wage garnishment a legal process that enables a creditor upon a debtor’s default to seize the debtor’s wages from the employer before the debtor is paid.

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