Corporate crime illegal activity that is committed in the furtherance of business operations of a corporation but that is not the central purpose of the corporation

Folkways established norms of common practices such as those that specify modes of dress, etiquette, and language use

Legalization the process by which norms are moved from the social to the legal level

Mores societal norms associated with intense feelings of right or wrong and definite rules of conduct that are simply not to be violated

Negative sanctions penalties imposed on those who violate norms

Occupational crime crime committed by individuals for personal gain in connection with their occupations

Positive sanctions actions, such as a promotion, a bonus, and encouragement, that are intended to reward conformity

Social control the methods used by members of a society to maintain order and to promote predictability of behavior

Socialization the process of learning the rules of behavior for a given social group

Victimless crimes crimes involving willing participants and for which any harm occurs primarily to the participating individuals themselves

White-collar crime crime committed by persons of respectability and high status in the course of their occupation

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