Participants' Rights

  • • Each and every participant has the right not to participate in the experiment, and the researcher must respect this right. University staff, students, and any other human with dependent relationship must be assured that any decision to refuse participation will not affect their academic/employment progress.
  • • All the participants should be protected from mental, psychological, physical, social, and legal risks throughout the experimentation. In case of any aftereffects, the participant should have proper information and full contact details as to whom they should contact including neurosurgeons, as well as a psychiatric or at least general physician. All the research staff and participants must be fully aware of any potential hazardous or uncomfortable contexts expected during the experiment.
  • • Each participant has the right to withdraw from the experiment without any reason or penalty.
  • • Participants have the right to any question, and they must be assured that their privacy and identity will be protected.
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