Target Population

The target population for this experimental study were the possible respondents that may meet the selected set of criteria and were available for the actual experiments. All the students in the university campus comprised the entire set of units for which the findings of the research had been generalized. Equal opportunity was given to all the students who met the inclusion criteria to become a participant.

Inclusion Criteria

The basic criteria necessary to be fulfilled by the potential participant in order to be a part of this experimental study are described as follows:

  • • Participant must be a student at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS.
  • • Participant must be within the defined age limit (18-25 years).

• Participant must be physically and mentally healthy and must have never been diagnosed with any brain disorder in his/her medical history.

Exclusion Criteria

The exclusion criteria are the requirements used for the exclusion of participants from this study. The participants were excluded in this study when they:

  • • Failed to provide written consent.
  • • Failed to meet the requirements mentioned in the inclusion criteria.
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