There is no behavioral data collected during the EEG recording. However, the clinical assessments involved the usage of questionnaires such as BDI-II and HADS.

The EEG data was recorded in resting state conditions and while performing the oddball task (event-related potentials—ERP) five times over the period of four weeks. The oddball data consisted of 314 standard trials, 45 target trials, and 41 distractor trials. The EEG raw data were saved in .edf file format. According to the experimental protocol, the intervention duration was four weeks and the subjects were observed five times, i.e., at weekO, weekl, week2, week3, and week4. The “weekO” data is recorded at start of the intervention and considered as baseline data; while weekl to week4 data were recorded exactly after each week time. The EEG clean data was saved in .mat format. Each week’s data consisted of three files. The details of these files are provided in Table 3.2. To access these files, please go to the directory BookDataChap03 in the data files accompanying this book. It is to be noted that the raw and clean data for one subject are provided in separate directories. For the complete dataset of 33 participants, please contact the authors of this book at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

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