This section provides a description of the physiological data and subjective data collected during the experimentation.

Experiment Data Accompanying this Chapter

EEG and ECG raw data for one subject are provided with this book. The details of these files are provided in Table 6.4. To access these EEG or ECG

Table 6.5 SSQ and feedback questionnaire data

S. No.

File name




SSQ responses recorded after visualization of movie on 3D display modes (3D active and 3D passive).



At the end of the experiment, this feedback questionnaire was used to record the user selfpreferences on 3D display technologies.

files, please go to the directory BookDataChap06EEG or BookData Chap06ECG in the data files accompanying this book. For the complete dataset of 40 subjects, please contact the authors at brainexpbook@gmail. com.

Questionnaire Data

The SSQ (SSQ questionnaire data) and user feedback on self-preference and feedback responses of one subject are provided in Table 6.5. To access these excel files, please go to the directory BookDataChap06 Questionnaire Data.

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