One of the core applications of stereoscopic 3D (S3D) technology is 3D video games. The S3D technology has enhanced the interest of the end users resulting in increased demand for video games in the entertainment market.8 Video games require physical challenges on behalf of the players such as motor skills, coordination of eyes with hands, and mental alertness to respond in the limited amount of time.9 Hence the brain is also required to be active and the working memory loaded with current information, planning of the next action in response to expected events, and decision making.

It has been shown that 3D video games have positive effects on the players’ cognitive performance such as improvement in memory tasks.10-12 All such positive effects are reported for normal and nonviolent 3D video games. Since violent 3D video games have also been developed, such as Grand Theft Auto V and Killzone 3, there is concern regarding the negative effects of violent 3D video games on players, especially children. It has been shown that violent 3D video games induce stress and anxiety,13 as well as increase aggressive thoughts,14,15 motivation toward violence,16,17 and game addiction.18

Because playing 3D video games is common in children and young adults, the impact of violent 3D video games is critical to explore and determine the causes of or find ways to control the level of violence in these video games. The previous research that reported the negative effects of 3D video games, such as stress and anxiety, aggressive thoughts, and/ or motivation toward violence, are based on behavior investigations. However, it is not clear how brain neuronal networks are altered by the contents of 3D violent video games in order to cause negative changes in the behavior of the players. Therefore the use of EEG will unfold the neuronal activities affected due to playing violent 3D video games and the changes in the specific EEG pattern that may cause the negative behaviors of the players. It may be possible to determine the specific EEG pattern changes due to playing 3D violent video games and then adopt treatment such as neurofeedback therapy to recover the EEG pattern to normal conditions and avoid the development of negative behaviors in the players.

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