Target Population

In this study, the students on the university campus were the target population. These were the possible respondents that may fulfill the required criteria for participant recruitment. All the students on the university campus were the entire set of units for which the findings of the research had been generalized. Three levels of students were studying on the campus at the time of data collection, i.e., foundation level, undergraduate level, and postgraduate level. Equal opportunity was given to all students who met the inclusion criteria to become a participant.

Inclusion Criteria

The inclusion criteria are essential for all the participants to meet prior to joining the experiment.

The requirements were:

  • • Participant should be between 18 and 25 years in age
  • • Participant should be right-handed
  • • Participant should be a beginner (mastery level of playing games)
  • • Participant must be physically and mentally healthy (normal or corrected vision, no major medical issues or head injuries)
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