Cellular phone technology works by transmitting signals through EM waves to produce very high radio frequencies. The human brain absorbs

EM waves during phone calls, causing health problems, particularly near the regions of the ear where mobile devices are normally held during usage. Evidence about the issues of mobile call usage is from users who have reported headaches and dizziness during and/or after phone calls. Such reasons motivated the researchers to investigate and monitor any potential risk of mobile phones on public health. Although the scientific literature on this issue is vast and apparently indicates widely varying effects across studies, this study was conducted to explore the effects of mobile phone calls on the brain using a direct measurement technique of the human brain.

The experiment had the following two main objectives:

  • • To explore and study the effects of EM radiation during mobile phone calls on the human brain using EEG signals.
  • • To explore ways to minimize the effects of direct radiation from the mobile phone on the human brain.
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