Target Population

In this experiment, the students on the university campus were the target population. All the students on the university campus were the entire set of units for which the findings of the research had been generalized. Equal opportunity was given to all the students who met the inclusion criteria to become a participant.

Inclusion Criteria

  • • Participants should have be between 18 and 24 years of age.
  • • Participants must be physically and mentally healthy.

Exclusion Criteria

The exclusion criteria are the requirements used for exclusion of participants from this study. The participants were excluded in this study when they failed to meet the requirements in the inclusion criteria.

Sample Size Calculation

This was a pilot study and the number of participants in the experiment was based on expert opinion. Further studies may use the results of this experimentation to statistically compute the exact sample size and generalize the results of this study. For the results of this experiment, please see the published papers listed in Section 12.6.

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