A description of the equipment and software used in this experiment is provided in Table 13.1.


Target Population

In this study, the students on the university campus were the target population. All the students on the university campus were the entire set of units for which the findings of the research had been generalized. The participants who were interested in taking part in the experiment were shortlisted based upon the following inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Inclusion Criteria

  • • Participant must have a driving experience of at least 2 years to be eligible in the study.
  • • Participant must have a valid driving license.
  • • Participant must have no serious injuries or mental disorders such as epilepsy, migraine, seizures, or tumor.
  • • Participant must not be under any medication that might disturb the physiological data.
  • • Participant must have normal vision or corrected to normal vision.
  • • Participant must agree to sign a consent form, ensuring that they understood the details of the experiment; the form is provided in Appendix 2C.
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