Unit Conversions

All constraint analysis calculations in this document are performed in SI units. However, it is more common to specify some elements of the design brief in the mix of SI and Imperial units traditionally used in aviation - here we perform the appropriate conversions.

In [19]: CruisingAlt_m = CruisingAlt_feet*0.3048

print 'Cruising altitude: {:0.0f} m'.format(CruisingAlt_m)

Cruising altitude: 122 m

In [20]: TopOfFinalApp_m = TopOfFinalApp_feet*0.3048 print 'Top of final approach: {:0.0f} m'


Top of final approach: 30 m

In [21]: TakeOffElevation_m = TakeOffElevation_feet*0.3048 print 'Take-off runway elevation: {:0.0f} m' .format(TakeOffElevation_m)

Take-off runway elevation: 0 m

In [22]: ServiceCeiling_m = ServiceCeiling_feet*0.3048

print 'Service ceiling: {:0.0f} m'.format(ServiceCeiling_m)

Service ceiling: 152 m

In [23]: CruisingSpeed_mpsTAS = CruisingSpeed_KTAS*0.5144444444 print 'Cruising speed: {:0.1f} m/s TAS'


Cruising speed: 30.0 m/s TAS

In [24]: ClimbSpeed_mpsCAS = ClimbSpeed_KCAS*0.5144444444

print 'Climb speed: {:0.1f} m/s CAS'.format(ClimbSpeed_mpsCAS)

Climb speed: 24.0 m/s CAS

In [25]: ApproachSpeed_mpsTAS = ApproachSpeed_KTAS*0.5144444444 print 'Approach speed: {:0.1f} m/s TAS'


Approach speed: 15.2 m/s TAS

In [26]: StallSpeedinApproachConf_mpsTAS = StallSpeedinApproachConf_KTAS


print 'Stall speed in approach configuration: {:0.1f} m/s TAS'


Stall speed in approach configuration: 13.8 m/s TAS

In [27]: RateOfClimb_mps = RateOfClimb_fpm*0.00508

print 'Rate of climb: {:0.1f} m/s'.format(RateOfClimb_mps)

Rate of climb: 3.0 m/s

In [28]: TakeOffSpeed_mpsCAS = TakeOffSpeed_KCAS*0.5144444444 print 'Take-off speed: {:0.1f} m/s CAS'


Take-off speed: 15.9 m/s CAS

In [29]: GroundRun_m = GroundRun_feet*0.3048

print 'Ground run: {:0.0f} m'.format(GroundRun_m)

Ground run: 60 m

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