Fuel Consumption Tests

The fuel consumption is measured for standard flight modes.

  • 1. Ground handling. (a) Aircraft speed and direction controllable on ground, (b) UAV can idle and remain stationary on a grass surface suitable for takeoff without intervention, (c) control can be maintained in a fast taxi situation, (d) undercarriage is serviceable, and (e) no loss of aircraft control signal.
  • 2. Aircraft handling and performance at takeoff, low-speed flight, cruise, high-speed flight, and landing to a satisfactory level and as per previous flight test.
  • 3. Standard flight profile. This will consist of manual takeoff, manual circuit pattern, and manual landing. Flight duration typically to be 30 min unless limited by regulatory requirements or tank size. Throttle back to low speed. Land, checking that engine gives normal throttle response at all times. Repeat process as needed, refueling and recharging batteries when necessary. Inspect airframe as required in accordance with maintenance schedule.
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