Overall Airframe Maintenance

It should go without saying that it is good practice when dealing with any airframe to be neat and tidy and to keep the airframe clean and to ensure that no small items are accidentally lost inside fuselages, nacelles, wings, and so on. Before flying, the appropriate logs should be checked to see if any items on the airframe are nearing the end of a service interval, which they may reach during the planned operations. All structural elements should be inspected and main spars gently flexed to ensure that all parts remain correctly attached and aligned. All flight control surfaces should be inspected for damage and moved through their full range of movement using the hand-held pilots transmitter (and not by manually forcing the surfaces - this can damage both the surface and the control servos that operates it). After every flight, the aircraft should be wiped down and any oil or fuel residues removed from the outer surfaces. If flying is completed for the day, fuel tanks should be drained before the airframe is transported.

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