Standard Review Plan (SRP)


Standard Review Plan — SRP {NUREG-800 (2007) [3]} provides information on the procedure that the NRC staff would use when reviewing the license applications. SRP consists of 19 chapters.

The following is a list of SRP chapters pertinent to Containments.

Chapter 2: Site Characteristics and Site Parameters

Chapter 3: Design of Structures, Components, Equipment, and Systems

Chapter 6: Engineered Safety Features

Chapter 14: Initial Test Program and ITAAC-Design Certification (see Chapter 9 of this book for more information)

Chapter 16: Technical Specifications

Chapter 17: Quality Assurance

Chapter 19: Severe Accidents

The technical positions built into SRP review procedures are not mandatory requirements. The applicants can propose alternatives to specific technical issue that can meet the relevant GDC.

NUREG-Series Reports.

NRC regularly publishes reports or brochures on regulatory decisions, results of research, results of incident investigations, and other technical and administrative information in NUREG-Series Publications. The reports are designated as follows: [1]

For example, NUREG-1430 is an NRC staff prepared document describing the Standard Technical Specification (STS) related to Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) plants.

Web (HTML) versions of some NUREG-series publications are available in NRC’s Formal Publication Collection.

Other NRC Documents.

In addition to the guidance documents, NRC issues, as needed, Generic Letters (GL), Information Notices (INs), Bulletins (B), and Regulatory Issue Summaries (RIS). These documents are issued based on the experiences gained related to the condition and performance of SSCs during operation of nuclear power Plants. For example, RIS are issued to clarify the NRC staff position on the implementation of codes and standards.

  • [1] Publications Prepared by NRC Staff NUREG-(nnnn) — four numerical units • Brochures Prepared by NRC Staff NUREG/BR-(nnnn) — four numerical units • Conference Proceeding Prepared by NRC Staff or Contractors NUREG/CP-(nnnn) — fournumerical units • Publications Prepared by NRC Contractors NUREG/CR-(nnnn) — four numerical units • Publications Resulting from International Agreements NUREG/IA-(nnnn) — four numericalunits
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