License Renewal and Aging Management for Continued Service

Dan Naus and Hansraj Ashar

As of August 2011, there were 104 commercial nuclear power reactors licensed to operate in 31 states in the United States. Initial operating licenses in the United States are granted for a period of 40 years. In order to help assure an adequate energy supply, the USNRC has established a timely license renewal process and clear requirements that are needed to ensure safe plant operation for an extended plant life. The principals of license renewal and the basic requirements that address license renewal are identified as well as additional sources of guidance that can be utilized as part of the license renewal process. Aging management program inspections and operating experience related to the concrete and steel containment structures are provided. Finally, several lessons learned are provided based on containment operating experience.

Keywords: Aging degradation, aging management program, aging management review, concrete containment, containment steel liner, GALL report, inservice inspection, integrated plant assessment, license renewal, operating experience, post-tensioning tendons, steel containment

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