Industry Guidance Documents

Several industry documents have been prepared pertinent to license renewal that are related to NPP containment structures.

NUMARC Reports.

The U.S. nuclear power industry, through coordination by the NUMARC, and sponsorship by the DOE and the EPRI, has evaluated age-related degradation effects for a number of major plant SSCs in the license renewal technical industry reports (IRs). In 1990, NUMARC, now the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), submitted for NRC review, ten IRs dealing with specific structures and components of NPPs and one IR addressing a screening methodology for performing an IPA under 10 CFR Part 54 [22]. Of these reports, one addressed PWR containments [23], one addressed BWR containments [24], and one addressed Class I Structures [25]. No safety evaluations were developed for review of these IRs; however, a summary of the technical information and NUMARC/NRC agreements resulting from a review of nine of these reports was developed [26].

NEI 95-10.

The industry, through the NEI, has developed a guidance document providing an acceptable approach for implementing the requirements of 10 CFR Part 54 and how to perform a license renewal assessment for a plant and what information to submit in a LRA [8]. The guidance provided in this document is founded on industry experience in implementing the Rule. As such, the document addresses: identification of SSCs within the scope of license renewal; identification of the intended functions of SSCs within the scope of license renewal; identification of the structures and components subject to AMR and their intended functions; assurance that the effects of aging are managed; application of new programs and inspections for license renewal; identification and resolution of TLAAs; identification and evaluation of exemptions containing TLAAs; and identification of a standard format and content of a LRA.

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