System-level monitoring of education quality

Latvia has in recent years aimed to improve its system-level monitoring of the education system. Since 2009 the State Education Information System (SEIS) has collected, stored and generated data and information regarding education institutions and programmes and the staff working in them from ECEC up to upper secondary education.

There are some concerns about the quality and usability of the national-level data in the SEIS. For example the exact number of school leaders, teachers and other educators (e.g. teachers’ assistants, speech therapists, psychologists, methodologists) is unknown and there is limited information about them (E-Klase, 2015). Our own experiences with the data provided to us by MoES in support of our school visits corroborate these concerns about data quality. MoES has recognised the need to improve its systematic monitoring of education quality, including the strengthening of the SEIS and better use of research for evidence-based policy making (MoES, 2014).

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