Policy issue 3: Underdeveloped assessment and evaluation arrangements

Governments and education policy makers in oECD countries increasingly see evaluation and assessment as playing a central strategic role in education. They are indispensable tools for improvement, accountability, educational planning and policy development. Evaluation and assessment are seen as essential for establishing how well students are learning; providing information to parents and society at large about educational performance; and informing the improvement of schools, school leadership and teaching practices. To achieve their full potential, the various assessment and evaluation arrangements should form a coherent whole and serve to advance educational goals and student learning objectives (oECD, 2013c).

in recent years Latvia has taken steps to establish and strengthen each of the key components that make up a comprehensive assessment and evaluation system: assessments of students, teachers and school leaders, schools, and the system. However, they are not equally well developed and lack synergy. There are also concerns about the quality of some of the data collected, and clear challenges over the assessment and evaluation capacity at all levels of the system. These challenges limit Latvia’s effective monitoring of educational progress.

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