Base support on realism and a political economy analysis

  • • Ensure accountability support is political, not just technical, in its approach and design. The use of political economy analysis or other forms of political and social analysis can be particularly helpful in understanding incentives and power dynamics and ensuring a more politically-grounded approach.
  • • Work towards more shared analysis and pooled funding among donors, in order to strengthen coherence and co-ordination and promote an appropriate division of labour across the local donor community.
  • • Focus the analysis on identifying the core accountability functions - and core weaknesses - to be addressed, rather than starting with a particular accountability actor. This allows one to work with the grain of local reform processes and to find “best fit” rather than standardised “best practice” approaches.
  • • Understand the interactions between formal and informal institutions, such as the roles of traditional chiefs, as highlighted in the Mali case study (Box 3.3).
  • • Accept the need for longer timeframes and greater realism when setting the objectives for support.
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