Take a systems approach to programme design

• See donors’ roles in accountability support as conveners or facilitators of locally-driven processes.

  • • Shift the focus of support towards the wider enabling environment for accountability and core accountability functions, rather than particular actors in isolation. More system-oriented strategies may be better placed to engage with sectoral dynamics, thematic issues or operational problems. Any work on particular issues or sectors should do much more to build links between local and national levels, and to address ongoing challenges where isolated accountability initiatives do not go to scale.
  • • Reflect on how development co-operation relationships overall shape the scope for domestic accountability. Donors need to be mindful that aid can undermine accountability relations between government and citizens. Avoid encouraging organisations to compete for funding rather than collaborating to achieve change.
  • • Increase the transparency, predictability and co-ordination of the aid. Support needs to be given to improve how available information can be used and acted upon by different groups.
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