Building from Core to Labor Intermediation Services in Stages

Strengthening the link between labor and social policy programs and labor intermediation systems is just one of a number of areas where labor intermediation services are taking on a different character from labor intermediation systems which evolved in the developed economies over decades, and now centuries, with far greater resources.

This book now takes you through rethinking labor intermediation for developing economies in a global age in stages: Stage 1, building core services (Chap. 2); Stage 2, expanding coverage, services and innovation (Chap. 3); Stage 3, linking to social, economic and workforce policies (although still in evolution). These stages are based on “hands-on” experience with basic employment services in developing countries, watching some evolve through Stage 2 and some in the starting gates for Stage 3. Each of these Stages, from 1 to 3, represents a progression and advance of intermediation as an active labor market policy. Each stage has distinct design, operational and performance features as well as very different national, regional and sub-regional variations.

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