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  • 3. New investments in the Bahamas National Employment Service are intended to add more accessible offices in both Nassau and the Family Islands.
  • 4. Many Stage 1 employment services seek to measure labor market insertion rates before building the administrative data and follow-up mechanisms to do this accurately, thereby underestimating both the direct and indirect impact of the service. Also underestimated are indirect impacts of services, for example, those who saw announcements which led to placement.
  • 5. Ascertaining the improvement (or not) in salary is the best proxy for job quality but can be difficult to verify and track, particularly with so many informal jobs. It may be that this indicator awaits Stage 2 when either follow-up processes for job placement are systematized or links are made with social security systems (best-case scenario) to verify automatically by worker ID number.
  • 6. Assumes that administrative systems assign clients to counselors, typical in advanced countries but less so in developing countries. If the service is not yet run under a case management system (typically a Stage 2 innovation), the number of job seekers to number of job counselors by walk-in office or other method can be tracked.
  • 7. The amount of experimentation needed to build to sufficient scale with reliable input data in Stage 1 often means the model to be evaluated and the ability to construct a viable control group are not consolidated until Stage 2.
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