Application field of nanostructured bioceramics

A short summary of the application possibilities with nanostructured bioceramics is presented in this section. The potential for these ceramics are great, and bioceramics have been addressed as candidate materials for many dental, orthopedic, and drug delivery carrier systems. The chemically bonded ceramic possibilities to produce in situ in vivo products are especially interesting. Another field deals with bioceramic coating materials. One promising feature in the coating technology is related to mechanism 6 (point welding), presented in Table 1.6. A further area with high potential refers to additive manufacturing. Here is the possibility, among others, to use the same kind of materials as implants (blanks) and as cements, as well as a base when the tooth structure has a waist.

Ca aluminate-based biomaterials and, to some extent, Ca silicates are stable and high-strength biomaterials after hydration and can favorably be used for load-bearing applications. The Ca phosphates, Ca sulfates, and Ca carbonates are known to be resorbable or slowly resorbable when inserted in the body, and their main applications are within bone void filling with low mechanical stress upon the biomaterial.

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