Susan Baker: Upper-Middle-Class “One and Done” Los Angeleno

Planned giver Susan Baker reflects that giving type’s general trend of giving a large amount and having high social psychological orientations for being a giver. True to form as a Planned giver, Susan has a high level of Social Responsibility and Collective Conscious and also evidences the relation of high Life Purpose and giving greater amounts.

Social Responsibility (Highest)

On social responsibility Susan scored nearly the highest of all our survey respondents. During the interview she told us:

I think everyone should volunteer... . I think everybody needs to give back. I think that volunteering time, I think everybody can afford some. And I think it’s critical for our community that everybody does some. Because it’s a way to actually touch and feel other people, and have a stronger community.

Susan describes a strong sense of personal responsibility for helping others through giving time to charitable causes. She voices a clear moral conviction that volunteering time for others is the right thing to do.

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