Social Trust (Moderate)

With regard to a sense of social trust, she said, “I think in general I’m a fairly trustworthy person. Like, I trust most people to, if they find my wallet lying on the street, to pick it up and do the right thing with it.” This statement makes it sound like Susan should have ranked herself very high on a sense of Social Trust, but later in the interview she discussed her trust in giving targets. About this characteristic of Social Trust she said, “When it comes to giving money, I’m much more in the trust category. I’ve done my research. I’m gonna give you my money. I’m gonna trust that you’re gonna use it appropriately. When it comes to my time, I feel like I’m partially responsible, so, yeah.” Susan shows that while she generally trusts people to do the right thing, she evidences some wariness in the targets of her giving since she does background research on them rather than trusting them blindly.

Prosperity Outlook (Moderate)

Though Susan does not spend much time in her interview describing her Prosperity Outlook, she mentions it in various ways throughout. For example, she interjects at one point, “I think I got a nicer husband than I probably should have, and my kid’s incredibly well-behaved. I got lucky there.” Thus though she does not have the “overfilling cup” that some of our highest Prosperity Outlook interviewees describe, she does generally believe that she has received the better end of things in life, at least to some extent.

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