Acquisition Seeking (Low)

Susan is very low in her Acquisition Seeking orientation, saying, “Oh, we have plenty of junk. We have more than we need.” She gives a specific example: “We both have 10-year-old cars, and neither of us have any big desire to have a new one. So, we’re good.” This is the picture of a low orientation to Acquisition Seeking, in which material possessions are considered unimportant and there are no major desires to acquire more possessions.

In many ways Susan is a prototypical high giver with a Life Purpose oriented to bettering the lives of others. She displays many of the strong personal orientations related to being a Planned giver and demonstrates how these factors produce a consistently high giving level.

Jackie Sawyer: Thrifty, Type-A, Religious, Midwestern Mom

Jackie Sawyer is one of our Habitual giver cases who, along with her husband, gives high amounts of money. She exhibits the high Life Purpose of many high givers, and she well represents the Habitual giver orientations of a moderately high Prosperity Outlook, Social Trust, and Social Responsibility relative to Impulsive and Atypical givers. At the same time, she evidences these orientations to a lesser extent than the Planned givers.

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