Tanika Sandaval: Single Los Angeles Mom Fights for Her Children’s Future

Tanika Sandaval, the single mom in L.A., is an Impulsive giver and demonstrates many of the social psychological orientations associated with that approach. She marks a transition in the case studies to our interviewees who have considerably lower personal and social orientations than those previously described. Tanika ranks high on Social Solidarity and moderate on Collective Conscious, but otherwise her orientations are low. Although her financial donations are low, Tanika volunteers at a moderately high rate at her children’s school. She seems to have begun volunteering entirely as a result ofhaving been asked by a personal connection, a point we revisit in chapter 5.

Social Solidarity (High)

Tanika describes her high sense of Social Solidarity: [1]

you’re helping someone, you never know if you’re gonna need that same predicament at one time in your life. And when it’s there at that time, you wanna be able to have someone help you out, that’s all.

In this way Tanika evinces a mentality of “we’re all in this together.” She feels this way even more strongly when she focuses specifically on the solidarity she feels with her immediate neighbors: “I feel connected cause I’ve been around here for so long, so I know there’s people who knows me. I know them; I feel connected to it, I do, yeah. ... We’re very watchful.”

  • [1] mean, you never know where at your time or what your life isgonna be. So it’s hard to just turn your back on people. . When
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