Social Solidarity and Collective Conscious (Moderate)

Deon is not very focused on the well-being of others, he admits:

I’m the type of person that I, the only world that I’m really concerned about is my own world. Because I see the way people act when you try to change their world, when you try to do something to influence their world. Only world that’s important to me is mine. Seriously... . I’m just concerned with my own life, my own thing. God gave me one ass to carry, and that’s the only one I’m concerned with.

However, Deon expressed a different outlook when we asked him our Social Solidarity question. The interviewer said:

Some people tend to see the whole human race as one common family of people, and believe everyone is responsible to help take care of others. Then other people tend more to believe that each individual and/or family is only responsible for themselves. How would you describe yourself on this issue?

Deon replied:

That’s kind of a side question right there, because a lot of people do think that they’re supposed to take care of their own as far as families go and everything there. But you didn’t mention do they put down other families and stuff like that. Are they racist, or what? But I believe the whole world is like a melting pot. The whole world, we all bleed red. We all should be brothers, and work together, and stand together, and help each other, period. Unless you’re a racist. Only the racists put other families down, talk about other people, make up all the insulting names and that stuff. But as far as them, we all should be together. Everybody should be together and help each other. Stand together.

We hear mostly from Deon that he considers himself to be rather selfish and not focused on the collective good or a broader sense of social solidarity, yet this last excerpt shows that he also has a sense of brotherhood, especially when it comes to potential racial divides, and expresses disgust at the lack of solidarity in others.

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