Anthony Ross: In Between, Regrouping, and Poor in D.C.

Anthony Ross, a prototypical nongiver, exemplifies the “keeping your head above water” mentality about resource scarcity that is common to all our nongivers. His life is fairly chaotic, and he is currently regrouping to figure out his career trajectory. Because his future is unclear, it is understandable that he rates low on every personal and life orientation. Anthony, in fact, has the lowest set of orientations of any of our case studies, and shows how the result of very low orientations is typically giving little to nothing.

Given his circumstances he focuses on taking care of his own welfare as a way to not be a burden to others.

Life Purpose (Low)

When we asked Anthony to describe his main goals in life, he concentrated on pure survival: “[I’m] flat broke, living day-to-day, eating, surviving.” He is among our interviewees who are trying to survive the challenges of daily life. Despite these circumstances, he expresses some directed goals: “I would say I’m here to actually learn more. To actually learn how things work. Use them in my own life. Avoid procrastination, avoid ignorance.” He describes his sense of intrinsic locus of control through adaptation: “A lot of things on my end come from adaptability. So I mean I adapt myself to a situation.” He senses where his life is headed and copes with lack of control by developing his ability to adapt to his circumstances.

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