Social Responsibility (Low)

Anthony’s sense of Social Responsibility is also low, primarily because he needs to focus first and foremost on bettering his own lot. He explains, “I’ve been probably influenced before by my family to believe that probably you should look after your own family, or you should not necessarily look at the world as your own family.” The end result, he says, is that he is “probably selfish in some regards.” But this is not the same selfishness that we find in those who have resources that they choose not to give away. This is a need-based sense of doing what it takes to survive another day.

Social Trust (Low)

Anthony says that he does not trust other people readily: “I don’t usually trust other people. ... I’ll accept you as who you are, but not necessarily going to let you in.” When we ask, “Do you think most people are good and trustworthy?,” he simply says, “Not really.” He continues, “I pretty much close myself off. I’m pretty much apathetic.” This exhibits how the low care ethos characteristic relates to Social Trust.

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