Jackie and her husband have a high degree of alignment on giving, and on money matters more generally: “Generally we don’t have money fights at our house, which is a huge blessing because I think that we’re probably the exception to that. So [my husband] and I are pretty much on the same page, as far as financial issues and giving.” She continues, “It’s more of an equal partnership. It’s a lot more talking it through.” She summarizes their general financial alignment by saying, “We’re in agreement 99 percent of the time.” Regarding their alignment for financial giving in particular, Jackie describes their communication process this way:

Well, usually, it’s “Okay, how much is left in that charitable giving fund?” Cause we have that extra—where we just put money to use as needed, or as things come up... . We’re pretty close together, where we start out. So it’s not usually like a huge negotiation that has to take place.

When discussing their household budgeting method, she said, “Well, I think it makes it easier to have a united front.” Thus Jackie and her husband are united in their approach to their household budget, which includes their financial giving.

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