High secure services

High secure hospitals

High secure services for England and Wales are provided at Ashworth[1], Broadmoor[2], and Rampton[3] hospitals. Whilst all of these hospitals are part of NHS Trusts, their relationship to the Department of Health is unique, as the NHS Act 2006 places a specific duty on the Secretary of State to provide high secure services. The State Hospital (Carstairs) provides a high secure service for offenders requiring high secure hospital care in Scotland and Northern ireland. High secure hospitals provide a treatment environment for patients who are assessed as presenting a serious and immediate danger to others.

High secure hospital services are divided into directorates, based on the range of services provided at each of the sites. Ashworth and Broadmoor Hospitals have mental illness and personality disorder directorates, whilst Rampton provides both of these services, in addition to a number of specialist services which include those for patients with intellectual disabilities, women, and the hearing impaired. The directorates within high secure services typically have both admission and high dependency wards, as well as wards where the primary function is rehabilitation.

  • [1] Mersey Care NHS Trust, Maghull, Liverpool.
  • [2] West London Mental Health NHS Trust, Crowthorne, Berkshire.
  • [3] Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Retford, Nottinghamshire.
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