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What is the population of the United States?

The U.S. population is approximately 304 million people, with one person being born every seven seconds, one person dying every 13 seconds, and one international migrant arriving every 30 seconds, yielding a net gain of one new person every 11 seconds.

Where do most legal immigrants to the United States come from?

Of the approximately 1.2 million immigrants who come to live in the United States legally, Mexico is the top country of origin (14.4%), followed by the People's Republic of China (7.2%), and the Philippines (6.2%).

How many illegal immigrants are there in the United States?

Some estimates take into account responses to the U.S. Census Survey, pegging the number at approximately 11.3 million people.

Where do the illegal immigrants come from?

Approximately 57 percent of illegal immigrants come from Mexico, 11 percent from Central America, 9 percent from East Asia, 8 percent from South America, and 4 percent from Europe and the Caribbean.

What is the oldest college in the United States?

Harvard University is the oldest college or university in the United States. It was founded in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.

How valuable is a college education in the United States?

Workers in the United States with at least a bachelor's degree earn an average of $51,206 per year. High school graduates can expect to earn $27,915 per year, while those who did not complete high school earn $18,734 on average. Workers who earned an advanced degree can make on average $74,602 per year.

In the nineteenth century, most immigrants to the United States—like this Italian couple—came from Europe. Today, the majority come from Mexico and Asia (photo courtesy Paul A. Tucci).

In the nineteenth century, most immigrants to the United States—like this Italian couple—came from Europe. Today, the majority come from Mexico and Asia (photo courtesy Paul A. Tucci).

What percentage of American adults use a cell phone?

More than 89 percent of American adults have cell phones, and 14 percent of American adults use only a cell phone and have no land line. Only nine percent of Americans use only a land line to make phone calls.

How many educational institutions are there in the United States?

There are more than 130,400 primary and secondary schools, and more than 6,400 universities, colleges, and post-secondary schools in the United States.

How many foreign students attend universities and colleges in the United States?

There are more than 564,000 foreign students attending schools in the United States. Asia contributes 58 percent, Europe 15 percent, Latin America 11 percent, Africa 6 percent, Canada 5 percent, the Middle East 3 percent, and Oceania 0.8 percent.

How many Internet users are there in the United States?

There are more than 211 million Internet users in America, making up approximately 72.5 percent of the population. Fifteen percent of all Internet users in the world are located in the United States.

What percentage of American households regularly give to charitable organizations?

Approximately 89 percent of American households give to charitable organizations. On average, they give $1,620, donating $295 billion annually all together.

What percentage of Americans volunteer each year?

More than 26 percent of Americans volunteer in some form each year, which means nearly 61 million people donate their time.

What is the most popular national park in the United States?

North Carolina and Virginia's Blue Ridge Parkway is the most popular national park, drawing over 17 million visitors each year. Located in the southern Appalachian Mountains, the Parkway is a highway through beautiful scenery and includes nearby hiking trails, ranger talks, and bird-watching. The other two most-visited national parks in the

How many visitors come to the United States every year?

Approximately 51.1 million people visited the United States from abroad. Foreign travel in the United States grows at approximately four percent per year, and sales related to travel in the United States, which is counted as exports, is larger than purchases of American agricultural products and cars combined. Tourists and other visitors contribute $107 billion per year to the U.S. economy.

United States are Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which gets about 14 million visitors annually, and Lake Mead National Recreation Area, with 9.4 million.

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