What is Land's End?

Land's End has quite an appropriate name, as it is a cape at the southwestern tip of Great Britain that is the westernmost point of England; the "end of land" in the west.

What is a moor?

A moor is uncultivated pasture land. You'll find moors in the United Kingdom; in the United States most people call them fields or prairies.

Where is Camelot?

The legendary sixth-century castle of King Arthur has been said to be located either near Exeter or Winchester, England. Camelot was not only the home of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere but was also the location of the Round Table and its famous knights.

The city of Cannes on the scenic French Riviera.

The city of Cannes on the scenic French Riviera.

Did people bathe in Bath?

The Roman baths found in Bath, England, were originally built on a Celtic holy site over a period of 300 years, beginning in 70 c.e. The structures include a hot bath, a tepid or medium bath, and a frigid bath complex. Though the ancient city lies buried beneath it, the modern city of Bath is also renowned for its hot springs, which once warmed the Romans and now offer a relaxing bath in this resort town.

Where is Catalonia?

Catalonia is an autonomous region in northeastern Spain. Because Catalonia is home to more than six million Spanish Catalans, who have their own language and culture, many in the region would like the territory to become an independent nation. Spain does not want Catalonia to secede, as Catalonia is responsible for a sizable portion of Spanish economic production. Catalonia's capital is Barcelona, the host city of the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Where is the French Riviera?

The French Riviera, also known as Cote d'Azur, is located in southeastern France, near the border with Italy, along the Mediterranean Sea. The French Riviera is a major vacation spot for Europeans, with its mild Mediterranean climate and beautiful scenery. The tiny country of Monaco is located within the French Riviera, and adds to the Riviera's image of luxury with the multitude of casinos and hotels at Monte Carlo.

Where does the Tour de France begin and end?

The Tour de France changes its course each year, but the last leg is always along Paris's famous boulevard, the Champs-Elysées. The bicycle race is approximately 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers) long and takes 25 to 30 days to complete.

What is the Giro d'Italia?

The Giro d'Italia is the second most important multi-stage bicycle race in Europe. It began in 1909, and instead of a yellow jacket for the fastest stage winner, recipients wear a pink-colored jersey reminiscent of the newspaper publisher and founder of the race's use of pink newsprint for his newspapers.

Where is Gaul?

Gaul was an ancient country that included most of modern-day France. It is thought to have been settled by Celtic people from the north, as well as Balkan people from the east. Other empires took control of Gaul, and it eventually became the kingdom of the Franks, the forerunners of the French.

What was the French Community?

Only a viable association during the 1950s and 1960s, the French Community, also known as Communaute française, was an organization tying together the former French colonies with France.

Who rules Andorra?

Since 1278, the tiny country of Andorra, nestled in the Pyrenees between France and Spain, has been jointly ruled by two people who live outside the country: the President of France and the Bishop of La Seu d'Urgell in northeastern Spain. France and Spain jointly take responsibility for the defense of Andorra.

What are the largest cities of Europe?

Western Europe's largest city is Paris, with nine million inhabitants. London (seven million), Milan (four million), Madrid (four million), and Athens (four million) are the next four largest cities.

What is the European country most visited by tourists?

Over 76 million people visit France each year. Spain is the next most popular with 56 million visitors.

Which country had the world's first legislature?

Though Iceland had been settled about 60 years earlier by the Norwegians, Iceland's parliament, the Althing, was created in 930 C.E.

What was the first tunnel through the Alps?

The Mont Cenis railroad tunnel was the first tunnel through the Alps and the first major railroad tunnel in the world. Opened in 1871, the tunnel spanned 8.5 miles (13.7 kilometers) and connected France and Italy.

Which European country produces the most nuclear energy?

France produces the second most nuclear energy in the world, generating 415 terawatt-hours per year. This is more than half of the 780 terawatts that the United States produces each year.

Where is the highest life expectancy on Earth?

People in Andorra live on average 83.52 years.

What are some of the most expensive cities in the world?

Half of the top ten most expensive cities in the world are in Europe: London, England; Copenhagen, Denmark; Geneva, Switzerland; Zurich, Switzerland; and Oslo, Norway.

What is Europe's oldest independent state?

San Marino claims to have been founded in the year 301 C.E. Its first constitution was established in 1600. San Marino is located on Mt. Titano in Italy and, at 24 square miles (62 square kilometers) in area, is one of the world's smallest independent countries.

Where is Atlantis?

Atlantis, the legendary underwater utopia supposedly located west of the Pillars of Hercules (the land on either side of the Strait of Gibraltar), was first described by Plato in the fourth century b.c.e. (Before the Common Era) as a magnificent civilization that was swallowed by the sea. Though Plato believed Atlantis to have been destroyed, the legend has grown over the centuries to describe this civilization as an underwater kingdom. Researchers now believe that the legend of Atlantis was based on the ancient Minoan civilization that lived on the Greek islands of Thira and Crete, which disappeared after a volcanic eruption in the sixteenth century b.c.e. Thus, the Minoan civilization in Thira and Crete fits the approximate date of Atlantis's destruction, but not its supposed location.

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