How many countries are there in Africa?

Africa is home to more than a quarter of the world's countries. There are 47 independent countries on the continent itself and 53 if you include the nearby island countries of Comoros, Madagascar, Seychelles, Cape Verde, Mauritius, and Sao Tome and Principe.

How many African countries are landlocked?

Only 15 of Africa's 47 continental countries have no access to seas or oceans. These include Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Rwanda, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

What is the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic?

Although not a fully recognized country because of an international border dispute, Sahrawi claims sovereignty over all of the territory of the former Spanish colony of

Why are so many ships registered in Liberia?

Though most are owned by foreign corporations and spend little time in Liberian territorial waters, many ships register in Liberia because of its low fees for registering ocean vessels. Over 1,600 ships are registered there, giving Liberia one of the world's largest merchant fleets.

Western Sahara. A part of the territory of Western Sahara is considered by Morocco to be a province of Morocco. Sahrawi is a member of the African Union.

What is Africa's most populous country?

Nigeria, with a population of 148 million people, is Africa's most populous country. Nigeria is also the world's eighth-most populous country. If Nigeria's population continues to increase at the present rate, the population will increase to 214 million by the year 2022! The average Nigerian woman gives birth to 6.1 children in her lifetime.

How many provinces are there in South Africa?

In 1994, several new provinces (states) were created. South Africa is now divided into nine provinces: Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, North-West, and Western Cape. The nine provinces incorporate homelands of indigenous peoples.

How many capital cities does South Africa have?

South Africa has three capitals: Pretoria is the administrative capital, Bloemfontein is the capital of the judiciary, and Cape Town is the legislative capital.

How many countries named Congo are there?

There are two countries named Congo, and just to make things a little more confusing, they're neighbors. The similarity between the names of the two—the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its western neighbor, the Republic of the Congo—makes distinguishing them a little difficult. In 1908 the Democratic Republic of the Congo was named Belgian Congo; in 1960 it was called Republic of the Congo; in 1964 it became People's Republic of the Congo; in 1966 it was called Democratic Republic of the Congo; in 1971 it was called Zaire; and finally, in 1997, again became the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Where is Timbuktu?

Though the name is commonly used to refer to an extremely distant place, Timbuktu (or Tombouctou) is actually a town near the Niger River, in the African country of Mali. It has a population of about 30,000 and is a major salt-trading post for Saharan Desert camel caravan routes.

Who owns Walvis Bay?

When Namibia gained independence from South Africa in 1990, South Africa kept control of Walvis Bay, located approximately 400 miles (644 kilometers) north of the South African border. The excellent harbor and deep-water port of Walvis Bay was retained for four years, until it was returned to Namibia on March 1, 1994.

Where is the Barbary Coast?

The Barbary Coast refers to the countries in Northern Africa that are located along the Mediterranean Sea: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. Though the name Barbary Coast comes from the Berber people who inhabit the region, it is best known for its association with pirates from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries.

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