Migration, Transnationalism and Catholicism: Global Perspectives

Religion, Migration and TransnationalismContemporary Migration and Catholic Religious TransformationUnity in Diversity: Negotiating and Managing DifferenceBook OutlineReferencesI Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Migration, Transnationalism and CatholicismBrothers and Sisters Across Borders: Theological Perspectives on Catholic TransnationalismTransnationalism and Catholicism: IntroductionCatholic Transnationalism in the Context of MigrationEcclesiological: Church Structures, Processes and TeachingsLiturgical: Sacraments and Popular PietyMissiological: Ministry and Pastoral WorkLiberation Theology as a Hermeneutical FrameworkConclusionReferencesMass Migration's Impact on Irish Catholicism: An Historical ViewHistoricising the (Irish) Transnational Religious FieldThe Sending Church and the Diaspora-Homeland RelationshipConclusionReferencesParish and Pilgrimage in a Changing EuropeParish, Pilgrimage and the Roman Catholic Church in Western EuropeNew EvangelizationLourdes: The Development of a Modern Roman Catholic Shrine from the Nineteenth CenturyOrganized Pilgrimages and Beyond: The Oxford University Chaplaincy PilgrimageUniformity and Diversity: Bathers and HelpersConclusionReferencesII Encounters, Difference and Transformations'They Just Dig St Antony, He's Right Up Their Street, Religious Wise': Transnational Flows and Inter-Religious Encounters in an East London ParishThe Saint and His Shrine Church in East LondonDiasporic Devotions: Customized in LondonBodies in Motion and Everyday DevotionsConclusionReferencesTransnational Religious Practices and Negotiation of Difference Among Zimbabwean Catholics in BritainTheoretical Perspectives: Transnationalism and Cosmopolitan SociabilityContextualizing the Analysis: Zimbabwean Migration to BritainTransnational Religious and Material ExchangesFormation of Guilds in the DiasporaNew HymnsMaterial and Financial Contributions to the Church in the HomelandReligious Encounters: The Negotiation of DifferenceThe Shifting SacredAfrican Drums and Rattles: Contribution to Catholic WorshipPilgrimages: Religious Transformation at the Edges?ConclusionReferencesTranslocal Martyrdom: CommunityMaking Through African Pilgrimages in SwitzerlandIntroduction: Migration and MartyrdomThe Cult of Martyrs and of the Virgin MaryCommunity-Making Through InculturationSwitzerland: A Postcolonial Framework for EventsAfrican Migration, Orientalism and the Catholic Church in Switzerland'African' Pilgrimages in SwitzerlandConclusionReferencesLatino Immigrants and the Redefinition of the US Catholic Experience in the Twenty-First CenturyCatholic and AmericanRediscovered Latino RootsAn Increasingly Latino: and Catholic—PresenceLatino Catholic ParishesContending with the Idea of the 'Multicultural Parish'US Catholicism in an Increasingly Latino Church: Crisis or Kairos?ReferencesMobilizing Ethnic-Religious Transnationalism Through Humanitarian Assistance: Vietnamese Catholic US- Cambodia RelationsTheoretical Orientation: Transnationalism, Religion, and EthnicityBackgroundEthnic Vietnamese Catholics in the USAEthnic Vietnamese Catholics in CambodiaPolitical and Cultural ReceptivityRefugee Status and Multiculturalism in the USAVietnamese Exclusion and Khmer Nationalism in CambodiaVietnamese Catholic Transnationalism Between the USA and CambodiaSan Francisco-Based Franciscan Charity in CambodiaSan Jose-Based De La Salle (DLS) Brothers Chapter or Lasan Vietnam Overseas in San JoseConclusionReferencesThe Role of Catholicism in the Identity Construction Processes of Filipino Second Generations Living in ItalyReligion in Identity Construction Processes of Immigrant Second GenerationsData and MethodThe Filipino Second Generations Living in Italy: Exploring the Role of Catholicism in the Processes of Identity ConstructionConclusionReferencesIII Negotiating Unity and Diversity 'When Poland Became the Main Country of Birth Among Catholics in Norway': Polish Migrants' Everyday Narratives and Church Responses to a Demographic Re-ConstitutionResearching the Migrant-Church interfaceThe Demography of a Diverse Minority Catholic Church Turned Upside-DownInformator Katolicki and the Church's Response to Polish ImmigrationPolish Migrants' Everyday Narratives and the Role of the Catholic ChurchThe impossibility of 'Integration' and the Necessity of 'Unity'ConclusionReferencesBuilding Bridges to Parishes: The Catholic Church in England and Wales and the Role of Ethnic ChaplainsThe Role of Religion in Linking Transnational and LocalRole of the Catholic Church in Caring for MigrantsThe StudyEthnic and Linguistic Chaplains Encountering New ContextsEmbedding in Parish LifeOpportunities to Embed: The Importance of WelcomeEastern RitesConclusionReferencesProtected but Separate: International Immigrants in the Italian Catholic ChurchReligions, Catholic Church and MigrantsThe Action of the Catholic Church in Favour of Immigrants in ItalySeparate Communities and 'Church-Sharing'Conclusions: Immigrant Communities and the Local Catholic Church—Support Does not Mean IntegrationReferencesAfterword: Migration, Transnationalism, Catholicism: Transnational Geographies, Spaces and Practices
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