Probation and Politics: Academic Reflections from Former Practitioners

Prospect: Probation Past, Present and FutureWomen and Probation - Reflecting Back and Looking AheadWorking as a Woman Probation Officer in ProbationThe Changing Gendered Composition of Probation StaffProbation Practice and WomenTransforming Rehabilitation - Recent DevelopmentsMeeting Myself Coming BackConcluding ThoughtsReferencesWhere Did It All Go Wrong? Probation Under New Labour and the CoalitionA Life on ProbationReflections on Probation and New Labour: Modernisation, Managerialism and MarketsReflections on Probation and the Coalition Government: Austerity, 'Big Society' and PrivatisationWhere Do We Go from Here?ReferencesSocial Justice, Human Rights and the Values of ProbationBecoming a Probation OfficerThe Personal and the PoliticalProbation: Its Limits and Its ValueProcesses MatterHuman RightsSome Thoughts About the FutureReferencesValues in Work with People Who Commit Sex CrimesMotivations and ValuesThe Values of Probation Practice with Sex OffendingIssues Related to Mandated and Voluntary Participation in Treatment ProgrammesEpistemic Values in Working with Sex OffendingConstructing Respectful Probation Practice with People Convicted of Sex OffencesReferencesVoices from Practice - What Probation Has Been and What It Could BecomeReflections on 'Voices from Practice' and Policy Development - the 1990s and the early 2000sPost 2010 - Towards the PresentFrom Here to Where? Reflections on the FutureReferencesProbation - Rights and New AgendasBeginnings in ProbationSome ReflectionsTowards Anti-discriminatory PracticeThe Centrality of LanguageProbation, Learning Difficulties and Mental DisorderProbation and Mental DisorderProbation and the Risk SocietyViolence and Abuse in the WorkplaceReflections - From Rehabilitation to PrivatisationTwo Probation ServicesFrom Optimism to Risk-Based PessimismDeprofessionalisationIndividualisation and the Social Decontextualisation of ProbationIncreased BureaucratisationBack to the FutureReferencesInternet ReferencesBridging and Brokering - Hope for the Future of Probation?In and Against the StateConsequences?New LabourAfter 2010Final ThoughtsReferencesProbation, Privatisation and Perceptions of RiskIntroductionActuarialismDeskillingPrivatisationProbation and the MediaThe Role of Academic ResearchReferencesThe Nature of Probation Practice - From Clinical to Punitive Managerialist EnterpriseMy Probation CareerThe Nature of Probation PracticeThe Changing Landscape: From Punitive- Managerialist to Semi-Privatised EnterpriseReferencesThe Rise of Risk in Probation Work: Historical Reflections and Future SpeculationsMy Journey into RiskProbation 'Discovers' RiskThe Transition to RiskProbation and the Problem of Crime ControlThe Evaluation of 'Sarah's Law'Multi-agency Responses to High-Risk CasesThe New Risk Agenda under TR ArrangementsThe End of Probation's Risk Journey?ReferencesAlarms and Excursions: Rhetorical Space in Criminal JusticeProbationPrisonVictimsThe Price of FreedomProbation Day CentresWorking on OffendingWhat Works and the One-To-One ProgrammeThe Rehabilitation of Probation?ReferencesEffective Probation in England and Wales? The Rise and Fall of EvidenceStarting Out in Research: Resisting the Dominance of 'Nothing Works'Many Fears and a Little HopeReferencesForty Years and Counting - Communicating ProbationTowards a CareerTraining to Be?Being a Probation OfficerBeing a Joint AppointmentBecoming a Freelance ConsultantBecoming a Criminologist?Being a Researcher and Policy AdvisorDeveloping a New VoiceA Career of 'Permanent Persuasion'ReferencesProbation: Looking Out and Looking InThe Juvenile Justice SystemCommunities, Crime Prevention and Inter-agency WorkingVictim-Offender MediationRacially Motivated OffendingEmotions in Probation PracticeI've Been Wrong BeforeReferencesA Future for Evidence-Based Do-Gooding?Probation Duty and the Remoralisation of Criminal Justice: A Further Look at Kantian EthicsProbation History, Morality, and JusticeBrief Note on Moral EconomyReturn to Morality and Justice through Kantian EthicsGroundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals (Kant 1785, 2005)Kantian Ethics and Probation's Duty to Remoralise Criminal JusticeLast WordsReferencesProbation in the Genes? Personal Reflections on the Fortunes and Misfortunes of an Honourable ProfessionProbation and Women Who OffendProbation's Changing Relationships with the PoliceThe Resilience of Brand 'Probation'Identity and Occupational Cultures in ProbationPossible Futures for Probation: Civil Courage in the Face of AdversityReferencesRetrospect: The End of Probation?Into WorkIn the AcademyThe Ghost at the FeastPublic IntellectualsGoing Underground - Probation's Secret Weapon?Silver Linings?EnvoiReferences
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