Long Name: Principality of Liechtenstein

Location: Central Europe, between Austria and Switzerland

Area: 62 sq. mi. (160 sq. km)

Climate: continental; cold, cloudy winters with frequent snow or rain; cool to moderately warm, cloudy, humid summers

Terrain: mostly mountainous (Alps) with Rhine Valley in western third

Population: 34,498

Population Growth Rate: 0.713%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 9.86

Death Rate (per 1,000): 7.42

Life Expectancy: 79.95 years

Ethnic Groups: Liechtensteiner 65.6%, other 34.4%

Religion: Roman Catholic 76.2%, Protestant 7%, unknown 10.6%, other 6.2%

Languages: German (official), Alemannic dialect

Literacy: 100%

Government Type: constitutional monarchy

Capital: Vaduz

Independence: 23 January 1719 (Principality of Liechtenstein established); 12 July 1806 (independence from the Holy Roman Empire)

GDP Per Capita: $25,000

Occupations: agriculture 2%, industry 47%, services 51%

Currency: Swiss franc (CHF)


Long Name: Republic of Lithuania

Location: Eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, between Latvia and Russia

Area: 25,212 sq. mi. (65,300 sq. km)

Climate: transitional, between maritime and continental; wet, moderate winters and summers

Terrain: lowland, many scattered small lakes, fertile soil

Population: 3,565,205

Population Growth Rate: -0.284%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 9

Death Rate (per 1,000): 11.12

Life Expectancy: 74.67 years

Ethnic Groups: Lithuanian 83.4%, Polish 6.7%, Russian 6.3%, other or unspecified 3.6%

Religion: Roman Catholic 79%, Russian Orthodox 4.1%, Protestant (including Lutheran and Evangelical Christian Baptist) 1.9%, other or unspecified 5.5%, none 9.5%

Languages: Lithuanian (official) 82%, Russian 8%, Polish 5.6%, other and unspecified 4.4%

Literacy: 99.6%

Government Type: parliamentary democracy

Capital: Vilnius

Independence: 11 March 1990 (declared); 6 September 1991 (recognized by Soviet Union)

GDP Per Capita: $16,800

Occupations: agriculture 15.8%, industry 28.2%, services 56%

Currency: litas (LTL)


Long Name: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Location: Western Europe, between France and Germany

Area: 998 sq. mi. (2,586 sq. km)

Climate: modified continental with mild winters, cool summers

Terrain: mostly gently rolling uplands with broad, shallow valleys; uplands to slightly mountainous in the north; steep slope down to Moselle flood plain in the southeast

Population: 486,006 Population Growth Rate: 1.188%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 11.77

Death Rate (per 1,000): 8.43

Life Expectancy: 79.18 years

Ethnic Groups: Luxembourger 63.1%, Portuguese 13.3%, French 4.5%, Italian 4.3%, German 2.3%, other EU 7.3%, other 5.2%

Religion: Roman Catholic 87%, other (includes Protestant, Jewish, and

Muslim) 13%

Languages: Luxembourgish (national language), German (administrative language), French (administrative language)

Literacy: 100%

Government Type: constitutional monarchy

Capital: Luxembourg

Independence: 1839 (from the Netherlands)

GDP Per Capita: $79,400

Occupations: agriculture 1%, industry 13%, services 86%

Currency: euro (EUR)


Long Name: Republic of Macedonia

Location: Southeastern Europe, north of Greece

Area: 9,781 sq. mi. (25,333 sq. km)

Climate: warm, dry summers and autumns; relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall

Terrain: mountainous territory covered with deep basins and valleys; three large lakes, each divided by a frontier line; country bisected by the Vardar River

Population: 2,061,315 Population Growth Rate: 0.262%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 12 Death Rate (per 1,000): 8.81

Life Expectancy: 74.45 years

Ethnic Groups: Macedonian 64.2%, Albanian 25.2%, Turkish 3.9%, Roma (Gypsy) 2.7%, Serb 1.8%, other 2.2%

Religion: Macedonian Orthodox 64.7%, Muslim 33.3%, other Christian 0.37%, other and unspecified 1.63%

Languages: Macedonian 66.5%, Albanian 25.1%, Turkish 3.5%, Roma 1.9%, Serbian 1.2%, other 1.8%

Literacy: 96.1%

Government Type: parliamentary democracy

Capital: Skopje

Independence: 8 September 1991 (referendum by registered voters endorsed independence from Yugoslavia)

GDP Per Capita: $8,400

Occupations: agriculture 19.6%, industry 30.4%, services 50%

Currency: Macedonian denar (MKD)

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