Long Name: Republic of Mali

Location: Western Africa, southwest of Algeria

Area: 478,764 sq. mi. (1,240,000 sq. km)

Climate: subtropical to arid; hot and dry (February to June); rainy, humid, and mild (June to November); cool and dry (November to February)

Terrain: mostly flat to rolling northern plains covered by sand; savanna in south, rugged hills in northeast

Population: 12,324,029 Population Growth Rate: 2.725%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 49.38 Death Rate (per 1,000): 16.16 Life Expectancy: 49.94 years

Ethnic Groups: Mande 50% (Bambara, Malinke, Soninke), Peul 17%, Voltaic 12%, Songhai 6%, Tuareg and Moor 10%, other 5%

Religion: Muslim 90%, Christian 1%, indigenous beliefs 9%

Languages: French (official), Bambara 80%, numerous African languages

Literacy: 46.4%

Government Type: republic

Capital: Bamako

Independence: 22 September 1960 (from France)

GDP Per Capita: $1,100

Occupations: agriculture 80%, industry and services 20%

Currency: Communaute Financiere Africaine franc (XOF)


Long Name: Republic of Malta

Location: Southern Europe, islands in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily


Area: 122 sq. mi. (316 sq. km)

Climate: Mediterranean; mild, rainy winters; hot, dry summers

Terrain: mostly low, rocky, flat to dissected plains; many coastal cliffs

Population: 403,532

Population Growth Rate: 0.407%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 10.33

Death Rate (per 1,000): 8.29

Life Expectancy: 79.3 years

Ethnic Groups: Maltese (descendants of ancient Carthaginians and Phoenicians with strong elements of Italian and other Mediterranean stock)

Religion: Roman Catholic 98%, 2%


Languages: Maltese (official) 90.2%, English (official) 6%, multilingual 3%, other 0.8%

Literacy: 92.8%

Government Type: republic

Capital: Valletta

Independence: 21 September 1964 (from United Kingdom)

GDP Per Capita: $23,400

Occupations: agriculture 3%, industry 22%, services 75%

Currency: euro (EUR)

Marshall Islands

Long Name: Republic of the Marshall Islands

Location: Oceania, two archipelagic island chains of 29 atolls, each made up of many small islets, and five single islands in the North Pacific Ocean, about half way between Hawaii and Australia

Area: 70 sq. mi. (181 sq. km)

Climate: tropical; hot and humid; wet season May to November; islands border typhoon belt

Terrain: low coral limestone and sand islands

Population: 63,174

Population Growth Rate: 2.142%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 31.52

Death Rate (per 1,000): 4.57

Life Expectancy: 70.9 years

Ethnic Groups: Marshallese 92.1%, mixed Marshallese 5.9%, other 2%

Religion: Protestant 54.8%, Assembly of God 25.8%, Roman Catholic 8.4%, Bukotnan Jesus 2.8%, Mormon 2.1%, other Christian 3.6%, other 1%, none 1.5%

Languages: Marshallese (official) 98.2%, other languages 1.8%, English widely spoken as a second language

Literacy: 93.7%

Government Type: constitutional government in free association with the US; the Compact of Free Association entered into force 21 October 1986 and the Amended Compact entered into force in May 2004

Capital: Majuro

Independence: 21 October 1986 (from the US-administered UN trusteeship)

GDP Per Capita: $2,900

Occupations: agriculture 21.4%, industry 20.9%, services 57.7%

Currency: US dollar (USD)


Long Name: Islamic Republic of Mauritania

Location: Northern Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Senegal and Western Sahara

Area: 397,954 sq. mi. (1,030,700 sq. km)

Climate: desert; constantly hot, dry, dusty

Terrain: mostly barren, flat plains of the Sahara; some central hills

Population: 3,364,940 Population Growth Rate: 2.852%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 40.14 Death Rate (per 1,000): 11.61

Life Expectancy: 53.91 years

Ethnic Groups: mixed Moor/black 40%, Moor 30%, black 30%

Religion: Muslim 100%

Languages: Arabic (official and national), Pulaar, Soninke, Wolof (all national languages), French, Hassaniya

Literacy: 51.2%

Government Type: Democratic Republic

Capital: Nouakchott

Independence: 28 November 1960 (from France)

GDP Per Capita: $1,800

Occupations: agriculture 50%, industry 10%, services 40%

Currency: ouguiya (MRO)

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