Turning commitments into results: The process towards a culture of open and inclusive governance

Jordan's membership of the Open Government Partnership

Consider formulating a single national open government strategy to

overcome fragmented initiatives and foster a whole-of-government approach across the different levels of government. The strategy should build on a national vision for how open government can contribute to broader policy objectives, such as those identified in Jordan 2025. The evidence for such a strategy should be gathered through a collective process starting at the community level (e.g. local elected councils), before being consolidated in the municipalities and governorates and ultimately at central level. Parliament, civil society, the private sector, independent state institutions, media and academics should be involved in a clear and transparent procedure.

  • • Upgrade the role of the parliament and the subnational level in the national open government agenda by organising large-scale training programmes for parliamentarians and local authorities, in particular for the elected representatives in local, municipality and governorate councils and relevant directorates in the LDUs. Local authorities could become involved in the National Commission, which is tasked with elaborating the country’s National Action Plan for the OGP.
  • • Foster a culture of monitoring and evaluation to increase transparency and accountability. The creation of an independent reporting mechanism as part of the membership of the OGP to assess the progress in delivering on open government commitments should be encouraged to increase public scrutiny.
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