Access to information

  • • Consider revising laws and regulations that may impede the public’s access to information (Protection of the State’s Secrets and Documents Law No. 50, 1971) in line with the objective of the 3rd National Action Plan for the OGP to “strengthen the legislative framework governing access to information.”
  • • Consider amending the Law of Access to Information to extend its scope to the subnational level. Access to reliable government data and information is a precondition for local media, CSOs and independent state institutions to exercise effective scrutiny over the performance of state institutions at the subnational level in delivering public services and spending decisions.
  • • Define clear criteria as to what information is considered “classified”, “secret” or “protected by other legislation” to provide guidance for public officials and increase legal certainty for citizens and businesses. Periodic reviews by an independent agency, which could be discussed by Parliament, could provide information on the use of the right in practice, indicate potential violations and support the creation of a community of practice.
  • • Organise an awareness campaign targeting public officials, Parliament, the media, civil society and citizens with a view to explaining the critical importance that access to reliable information plays in achieving broader policy objectives (e.g. increasing the access to and quality of public services).
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