Freedom of the media and freedom of expression

  • • Conduct a review of recent regulations and decisions affecting the freedom of media and freedom of expression in line with the commitment stressed in the Third National Action Plan for the OGP to “strengthen the framework governing the freedom of the media”. Independent investigations and reporting by journalists present important pillars for long-term stability and democratic development in Jordan. The criteria for imposing media bans or restrictions on news content should be clarified and disseminated widely to increase transparency and legal certainty for journalists, CSOs and citizens.
  • • Foster the emergence of independent local media outlets (eg. radio programmes, newspapers, online) to stimulate a culture of debate and dialogue at the community level and to increase the diversity of available information channels. Diverse sources of traditional and new media can play a significant role in promoting active citizenship and increasing the level of transparency among existing and future power holders in the governorates and municipalities.
  • • Foster a genuine culture of monitoring and evaluation among all levels of government, as well as governmental and non-governmental bodies, to ensure that scarce resources are allocated for their intended purpose. In this respect, the role of the legislative and main oversight agencies should be redefined and upgraded with a view to addressing overlapping responsibilities (e.g. co-ordinate work plans, avoid parallel investigations and duplications, and encourage a culture of sharing information among the Anti-Corruption Commission, the National Audit Bureau and the Ombudsman Office) and the lack of capacity.
  • • Increase transparency in the allocation of grants by members of parliament at the subnational level. For instance, a dedicated database could be created following the example of France ( parlementaire/) to be able to trace back the grants suggested by members of parliament for parliamentary action, beneficiaries and the resources allocated.
  • • Strengthen decentralised control mechanisms by seeking partnerships with independent local media and CSOs and educating citizens against the hazards of corruption.
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