Leverage the decentralisation reform to foster open government and genuine citizen participation at the local level

  • • Increase popular awareness and grassroots support for the ongoing decentralisation reform in line with the current efforts undertaken through the national dialogue (Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs). The role of the Network of Civil Society Organisations for Open Government at the Local Level in Jordan could be upgraded so that its members act as the link between government and other local CSOs in raising awareness for the reform and its practical implications for local governance and CSO activity.
  • • Apply a context-sensitive approach to fostering a culture of open and participatory government at the local level. Based on a strategic assessment of the available open government capacities and the maturity of open government practices in the governorates, municipalities and districts, a guide could be created to support local authorities and non-governmental stakeholders to implement open government principles and practices, with a view to fostering inclusion and diversity.
  • • Build up effective capacities and tools for use by the directorates responsible for liaising with CSOs and citizens inside the LDUs and among the elected members of the governorate and local councils. Local public officials, both elected and appointed, should have access to training in order to implement a participatory approach to assessing local needs in collaboration with CSOs and citizens. Existing institutions, such as the National Institute for Training, could produce training modules that link engagement practices to the broader objective of reinforcing mechanisms for greater openness, transparency and accountability.
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